SIM Arizona Board - Mary Patry

Mary Patry

Mary Patry, Director of Engagement

Mary Patry founded ITeffectivity, LLC. 2013, an IT advisory and coaching practice. After over 40 years in the IT industry, Mary stepped away from her corporate IT leadership career to focus on her passion, helping others triumph, personally and professionally.  At the heart of Mary’s coaching practice is her desire to create a compelling new vision for her clients’ success and her commitment to providing leadership in identifying key motivations, creating positive solutions, and enabling her coaching clients to set and achieve previously unimagined goals. 

Beyond her technical skills, Mary’s empathy, care, and innate ability to listen sets her apart in an increasingly crowded field. Mary helps her clients design a future around the positive core values, priorities, and principles they’ve identified. She guides them through understanding key motivations and offers the emotional grounding necessary to take on new challenges. Since 2013 she has helped over 50 IT Executives move forward towards their goal.

Prior to forming ITeffectivity, Mary was the head of IT Strategic Programs at Medimmune targeting business relationship improvements through IT transformation program services where she led a $43 million-dollar investment in rebuilding IT’s service and technology delivery platform. Prior to Medimmune, she was the VP of Infrastructure and Transformation at the American Red Cross where she received national awards for significant contributions to their mission. Before that she was the CIO for Loan to Learn, CIO for SimplexGrinnell (A Tyco Company), and VP Infrastructure for Mariner Health.