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Feb 17, 2021  Tech Trends 2021 Thriving Through Disruptive Change 4:30-6:30p



The pandemic and the economic fallout that it brought caused many businesses to go bankrupt, unable to adapt to the disruption of shutting down physical operations and interacting with customers and employees digitally. It's the latest reminder that organizations must build resilience to withstand the next major market disruption to survive in today's economy. To thrive, they must create the capabilities that will seize on the opportunities brought by change.

In the Tech Trends 2021 Report, we'll explore three trends that help create resilience in the face of disruption:

  1. Digital sustainability – apply technology towards the goal of achieving cost savings in energy reductions and reduced carbon emissions.
  2. Machine learning by design – make machine learning a core part of your value proposition.
  3. Self-sovereign cloud – maintain maximum control over your infrastructure with encryption, data sovereignty compliance, and optimal infrastructure.

Info-Tech Research Group produces unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. Partnering closely with your IT teams, they provide everything from actionable tools to analyst guidance. In this session, InfoTech will also share how our members can take advantage of their services under a partnership with SIM National.

Speaker Bio:

David Glazer - Practice Lead at Info-Tech Research Group

David is a Research Lead at Info-Tech Research Group where he leads emerging trends, innovation, IT strategy and digital transformation research. He has previously worked as a foresight strategist at Idea Couture, one of the world’s leading innovation consulting firms, and honed his analytical capabilities in the Government of Canada, where his reports reached all levels of government, including the Prime Minister’s Office. David has also played a key role in bringing a number of high-tech and clean-tech ventures to market in Canada.


Meeting Dates

Feb 17, 2021  Tech Trends 2021 Thriving Through Disruptive Change 4:30-6:30p

Mar 17, 2021, Wednesday, Virtual Meeting - To Be Announced

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