DevOps & Microservices - Lego IT or Letting go of IT?

When:  Jun 9, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  SIM Capital Area Chapter
In this information packed session, we leave theory and market hype behind and focus on the reality of digital transformation and application modernization from the perspective of agility to market, security, cost, performance and reliability of core business operations systems and customer facing applications. The discussion focuses on real experiences of companies and industries that have evolved and continue to pave the future of how information technology is “letting go” of traditional IT structures. Legacy host-based data centers and managed IT infrastructure hamper innovation and agility through human-created process roadblocks. These legacy processes are now automated by innovations in cloud infrastructure support. Organizations of all types and sizes are moving to cloud computing, saving substantial capital costs through reduction in spending on equipment, infrastructure and software. They are also gaining competitive advantage through adopting microservice architectures, enabling them to harness the power of code reusability – the “Lego approach”. Our speaker, David DeLoye, is a world-class consultant and practitioner in helping companies “Let Go” and experience exceptional financial and operational results. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to leverage the power of DevOps, migrate entire data centers to the cloud, and help IT organizations adapt their team structure to the new way of computing. He has a keen perspective on what does and doesn’t work as IT teams tackle tough transformation challenges. This is a session you definitely do not want to miss.


City Club, Washington, DC
555 13th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20004