5G - Unwiring Corporations & Communities (Webinar)

When:  Mar 23, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  SIM Capital Area Chapter
2020: The Year of 5G? There is so much buzz about 5G these days, but what does it all mean for businesses and personal use? This session will attempt to answer these and many of the following questions we all pondering these days: • Every carrier is promising large roll-outs of 5G. Which technology will win out? • What types of infrastructure will need to be deployed by the carriers? • Which spectrums are best and what will coverage look like? • Will 5G be limited to dense urban areas? • Can fixed wireless 5G eliminate the need for fiber-based enterprise network connections? • What will 5G look like in other countries? • What are the greatest risks both in deployment and for personal health? We will hear from an industry expert to sort this out, provide an overview of where the industry is headed and what your IT strategy for 5G should look like in 2020 and beyond.