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SIM Central Florida is committed to offering topical, informative virtual gathering opportunities for our members and our Central Florida technology community.

Calendar Of Upcoming SIM Central Florida Events

The Members in Transition (MIT) events were developed to assist SIM members in a career transition by providing a forum to share leads and advice on Resumes, Interviewing, Job Searching. 

August 20, 2020 – 12-1PM - Rob Megennis (IndyCar Series Driver) – Technology & Indy Racing 

What it takes to win at 200 mph! Join the P.I.T. Crew.  

Preparation. Innovation. Teamwork. These keys to success apply to your team at the office and Robert’s team at the track. Join race car driver Robert Megennis as he discusses how to build a system that’s safe and fast!

This casual, intimate presentation is not your ordinary webinar. It’s not every day that you get to meet a 20 year old who drives at 200 mph. Find out what it takes to win on and off the track. Let’s go!

ENROLLMENT LIMITED TO 100!  Sign up Early!


August 27th, 2020 – 12-1 PM - Dr. Karen Jacobson -  Talk to Me in My Language – Keys to a Successful Remote Team.   

Distractions, isolation, and lack of social connection are just a few of the challenges companies are facing now that teams are working from home.  How do you create a sense of normalcy, remain productive, and maintain connection among your team members during these times of uncertainty?

Program Purpose

This program will arm you with tools to eliminate those issues and connect with people even when they are in a remote location. Build your relationships with clients, customers, and team members by focusing on commonalities. Ultimately resulting in a higher level of trust, stronger relationships, and increased productivity.

You will

  • Learn how to talk and connect with anyone, any time, regardless of their personality
  • Avoid distractions, stay focused, and remain productive.
  • Tap into key personal strengths for higher efficiency.
  • Identify and leverage the differences between online and in-person communication


September 2020 – The Real Data Behind COVID-19
Date and time to be announced soon ...

Stephan Chase, founder - Chase Intel.
Through customer analytics Chase Intel helps its clients devote their efforts to the right customers, tailor offers, messages, and differentiated service to generate profitable revenue, and measure the impact of their efforts to drive continuous improvement.


September 17, 2020 –Thursday from 12-1PMRobert Brown - Vice President, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant Technology Solutions.    "The Future of Work and Jobs of the Future"

Robert Hoyle Brown is a leader in the Center for the Future of Work, a global think tank with a charter from Cognizant Technology Solutions to examine how work is changing, and will change, in response to the emergence of the Age of Algorithms, Automation, and AI.

As a futurist, he has focused extensively on the topics of robotics, automation, privacy, and augmented reality and their impact on business processes.

Since joining Cognizant in 2014 from Gartner, he has served as head of strategy for Cognizant's Digital Operations practice, and worked intensively with Cognizant’s Business Accelerator leadership to drive the development of its intelligent automation strategy, messaging and go-to-market outreach.


October 22, 2020 – 12-1PM - Bruce Rogow - Principal at IT Odyssey & Advisory

Time to Get Real About Digital

Take what the digital disruption pundit industry has thrown at you with a grain of salt. Bruce has asked over 200 executives doing digital “what would you have done differently and what have you learned?” He will discuss what you can really aspire to, how you should approach “digital” and how best to move ahead

Bruce is a private counselor for CIOs and CEOs related to the management of IT and digital efforts. His practice is based on 100 annual executive Odyssey visits and focuses on how enterprises can be more successful at being Digitally Enhanced Businesses.

For the past 20 years, he has been a Principal of ICEX, facilitating knowledge exchanges on Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure& Operations for global, large, complex organizations. He is a Principal in the Prometheus Endeavor which advises enterprises as to how to best capitalize on Digital & Information Technologies. He regularly produces blogs and articles on lessons learned related to making digital efforts happen for Cognizant. He produced major pieces for Don Tapscott’s research programs and for over 25 years, contributed insights for Gartner’s Executive Program as an Executive Fellow and Affiliate.

While EVP and Global Head of Research for Gartner, it became the pre-eminent IT analysis firm by introducing Total Cost of Ownership, Magic Quadrants and Hype Cycles. From 1977-87, he was a Senior Managing Principal of Nolan, Norton & Co.

His career started in IBM sales in Gainesville, FL. Bruce then spent five years in IBM’s Poughkeepsie Advanced Technical Training group pioneering systems management.


SIM CFL Holiday Party 2020 
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