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April 2021 Events

Thursday April 15th SIM CFL Monthly Meeting.  12pm - 1pm

SIM FL Region event - Local Government & Innovation

Local Government and Innovation – Improving Services to Communities

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The global pandemic has dramatically altered many industries, including local governments who were propelled into massive digital transformation and disruption in a matter of days.  Continuing critical public services, adding new virus-related services and increasing community communications on top of moving large workforces to virtual were significant challenges to overcome.  Especially considering many agencies are operating on legacy technology platforms with under-funded infrastructure upgrades in the backlog.  So how did they do it? 


Hear how transformative leaders from Florida’s local governments leveraged people, creativity and new technologies to drive change and innovation in their respective agencies and how their successes in turn are better serving our local communities.   

Wednesday April 21, 2021 12pm-1pm

SIM Central Florida’s Emerging Technologies Special Interest Group

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SIM Central Florida is excited to announce that with the help of one of our members, Craig Finch, we are starting a special interest group for members that are interested in Emerging Technologies. We are having a kick-off meeting for those members that are interested on Wednesday April 21st from 12-1pm via Zoom.

As technology leaders our organizations come to us for answers. The field is so vast no one person can know everything. How do we expand our knowledge and become better versed in technologies that are emerging? Yes, there are conferences but many times those are sponsored by vendors that are pushing their products and services. We want to create a place where our members can talk about their challenges, successes, share ideas, learn and knowledge share in a safe, confidential, vendor neutral unbiased environment.  

As we’ll be looking to meet monthly members can join in when it works for them. As the group evolves, we’ll be looking for volunteers that would like to present, share a challenge their organization overcame, bring a problem and talk through solutions, share experiences that could help a fellow member, etc.

We’d like to invite those that are interested to join Craig on April 21st.  For more information you can reach out to Craig directly at craig.finch@simcfl.org.


Tuesday April 20, 2021 11am-5pm
SIM National - SIM Women Leadership Summit

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SIM Women is a network for female CIOs and their direct reports that promotes mentoring, leadership and career development. The collaboration inside SIM Women between those women who have achieved success and those who are striving toward it offers the security of community while empowering women to achieve their full potential individually; similarly, female CIOs learn from each other and the subject matter experts SIM Women engages for all our webinars and regional events. We encourage our members to demonstrate leadership in action which includes reaching out to the next generation of leaders through mentoring and STEM programs, connecting corporate resources with non-profits supporting local communities, and serving as visible example of leadership – a shining light on a path others can follow.


Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, Time 12pm-1pm

SIM Women – Book Club

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Making connections and professional development are vital to continued success. Come network, learn and communicate with others -- join SIM Women on April 28th for a virtual lunch and discussion of the book “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” by Melinda Gates. Many have found that "quarantine time" has led to more time to read great books like this one!  You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

About SIM Central Florida's SIM Women ... SIM Women is a network inside the Society for Information Management to foster enhanced communication, mentorship, leadership, and career development among the female members of SIM. We are looking to grow our network of Women IT leaders in Central Florida and welcome anyone's participation. So please consider joining us even if you aren’t a current member of SIM.


Thursday April 29, 2021, 4:30pm-6pm (Virtual)

SIM Central Florida CIO/CISO Cyber Security Roundtable featuring Kevin Cooke, Special Agent (SSA) with the United States Secret Service.

Invite only **CIO's & CISO's that are interested in attending please contact cindy.moore@simcfl.org 

During this presentation Kevin utilizes a non-technical, top-down approach to bridge communication gaps and highlight the importance of a strong information security and cybersecurity infrastructure.   Drawing on over two decades of experience amassed in the United States Secret Service, he explains the current trends and tactics being utilized against organizations and the importance of education and investment, with an emphasis on becoming problem solvers through security by design.

Kevin Cooke is a Senior Special Agent (SSA) with the United States Secret Service with over 20 years of experience conducting investigations into violations of federal law.  By collaborating with outside agencies and foreign governments, Kevin has successfully investigated and assisted in prosecution of numerous individuals and organizations.  Notable investigations have included complex cybercrime investigations involving transnational criminal enterprises, organizations and individuals conducting financial identity theft, and investigations into Medicare fraud with losses totaling over $100 million.  

Kevin has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of protective operations to include risk assessments and mitigations in over 50 countries.  During his five years with the Presidential Protective Division (PPD), Kevin led protective teams of upwards of 20 people for the President, First Family, heads of state, and other political authorities, both domestically and abroad.  Outside of PPD, Kevin has also worked in the Houston and Washington Field Offices.  

Kevin is a native Texan and former Houston Police Officer.  He is also a black belt in judo and enjoys scuba diving and spending time with his family.

Saturday May 15, 2021, 1pm-4pm

Join SIM Women Central Florida for a Community Service Project at Second Harvest Food Bank! SIM Women & SIM Members welcome.

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*If this is your first time volunteering with Second Harvest you will have to create an account. 

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We have room for ten volunteers

*Close-toed shoes: Required for everyone

*Physical Requirements: Standing for long periods of time and lifting boxes/items

If you are interested in attending please contact Cindy Moore, cindy.moore@simcfl.org and she will share the sign up information.

May 20, 2021
SIM CFL Game Night! More Information Coming Soon! 

June 17, 2021   
SIM CFL Monthly Meeting. More Information Coming Soon!

October 22nd  
SIM CFL Annual Golf Tournament 

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