Members In Transition

Let's work together to assist our Members In Transition (MIT)

Now more than ever, let's work together to assist our fellow SIM members whose careers are in transition ... by sharing your connections, leads, and advice or by employing an MIT in a contract role.

How can you help?

  • Be willing and open to connect fellow SIM members to others in your personal and professional network – as recent events have shown, none of us is ever guaranteed that we will be exempt from seeking a new career direction for ourselves at some point.
  • If you know or learn of a potential job lead, please share that knowledge via SIM's job board ... simply send the lead to:
  • If you are a hiring manager, please share the roles you have – whether full time or contract -- on the SIM job board (please see below.)

The SIM national jobs board and other MIT resources for job seekers are available to all SIM members by logging into your SIM account and visiting:

SIM Central Florida resources for Members In Transition

For more information or for answers to any questions about SIM Central Florida's opportunities for Members In Transition, please email

Also, feel free to reach out to the following Central Florida IT recruiting firms and these specific contacts:


Susan Howells


Tek Partners

Glenn Kraft


Kolter Solutions

Alexis Cole



Nathen Haupt

Free Career Assessment Tools

Explore free career assessment tools at:

National SIM resources for Members In Transition

National Weekly Members in Transition Call

There is a weekly call available to all SIM members held every Thursday at 8 a.m. EST. The number for call in is (319) 527-3511 with the PIN 638176.  The call's co-hosts are Joe Puglisi & Christopher Bernard.


Special SIM Member In Transition Group On LinkedIn

There is a special SIM Members In Transition group on LinkedIn where announcements are made regarding some of the upcoming MIT weekly calls for members. Any SIM member who would like to join the LinkedIn group (SIM Members in Transition) can search for the group on LinkedIn and Karis Miles will approve their request once she confirms that they are a SIM member.


National Members-Only MIT Job Board:

To assist all SIM members in transition, SIM offers a special “SIM Members-Only” MIT Job Board.  

This job board is a tremendous resource for all members, whether you are in a search or just wanting guidance in a potential job search.  Some of the key benefits of the SIM national job board include:

  • Jobs are posted by other members/member recruiters – the Jobs are real, and in many cases not posted anywhere else.
  • You can leverage the network to get connected to the hiring authority – be it the recruiter, HR manager, or hiring manager.
  • Only SIM members have access to the job board, making it an exclusive resource for our members.
To access the jobs board and other MIT resources for job seekers, SIM members should log into your SIM account and visit the site via