CISO Roundtables


Our CISO Roundtables provide IT Leaders the opportunity to share ideas and build professional connections with other CISOs in a relaxed, informal setting. Access to these invitation-only events is one of the most popular perks of a SIM CFL membership.  Attendance is limited to members (and guests) who are currently the IT Leader for their organization (and those in transition).

Eligible chapter members are invited to attend these quarterly meetings held in the CFL and surrounding areas.  Roundtables typically begin at 6:00 pm at a central location or at a SIM CFL member’s company and are hosted by the CISO. 


Format:  Quarterly, with dinner at a restaurant after

Location:  Venues vary, many hosted by members

Attendance:  20-30 attendees, must qualify to attend

Focus:  Work through pressing technology issues, challenges, and strategies.  


  • Share innovative ideas, best practices, challenges, and solutions with peers.
  • Build connections and expand professional networks.
  • Opportunity to grow skills and knowledge.
  • Benchmark, and see what’s coming.

Typical Program Schedule

  • Welcome and Host Presentation 
  • Speaker Presentation
  • Networking Break
  • Roundtable Discussion 
  • Refreshments and Dinner