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Beyond the Hype: Why Blockchain Matters

March 21, 2019 @ 5:45pm

Venue: The Stamford Yacht Club
            97 Ocean Drive West
            Stamford, CT 06902

According to Gartner, ‘Blockchain’ has been the number one search term on their Web site since 2017. Blockchain may have been discounted because of the early hype and the collapse in the value of cryptocurrencies. However, the game changing potential of Blockchain technologies, including smart contracts, Cybersecurity, and decentralized finance mean that CIO’s and senior technology managers need to be up to speed and prepared to make good decisions on how Blockchain technologies can help their business. Westchester Fairfield SIM is pleased to welcome Solomon Lederer, CEO of Blockchain training startup Blockmatics who will talk about the latest technical, business and legal reasons why you should be getting ready for Blockchain now.  

The Speaker

Solomon Lederer
Co-Founder, Blockmatics

Solomon Lederer, PhD, is a founder of Blockmatics and, a blockchain training and consulting firm, and the founder of Coinspace, a blockchain-focused co-working space. He is also partner and head of technology at Iterative Instinct, a private investment fund focused on crypto assets. He has a doctorate in distributed and ad hoc sensor networks, where he developed novel ways for networks to self-organize. Before blockchain, he worked as a software engineer in the defense and finance industries. He has been working with/teaching blockchain technology and Ethereum since 2014.

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