2019-2020 Calendar

Date Location Speaker Topic
1/16/2020 Giovanni Waters Edge Panel Hiring and Inspiring The Next Generation Workforce
2/20/2020 Hilton Artificial Intelligence – a look at Machine Learning
3/19/2020 Stamford Yacht Club TBD
4/23/2020 Giovanni Waters Edge TBD
5/14/2020 Giovanni Waters Edge TBD
6/18/2020 Stamford Yacht Club TBD
7/16/2020 Jacky Durrell Pavilion Clambake
9/17/2020 Stamford Yacht Club TBD
10/22/2020 Greenwich Hyatt HMG CIO Summit
11/19/2020 Renaissance TBD
12/17/2020 Stamford Yacht Club FWSIM Holiday Party