Past Events - 2020

Networking and Fine Dining (in your home), 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

A Panel Discussion
By the FWSIM Board
(For All Members!)

A special session regarding the current events surrounding COVID-19 and the adjustments that we as leaders have had to oversee. During this session, Ursuline Foley began with a panel discussion with leaders from various industries, and allow input and discussion from members to shape the conversation.

Ursuline Foley
 - Chairman Emeritus

 - Board Member and Strategic Advisor


Andrew Cotter
 - VP Member Services - FWSIM Board
 - EVP & CIO, Somerset Capital Group

Vinny Licht
 - Secretary - FWSIM Board
 - CIO, Tauck Inc.

Anna Ransley
 - VP, Scholarships - FWSIM Board
 - VP, GIS & CIO, Heineken USA

Sigal Zarmi
 - Director at Large - FWSIM Board
 - Managing Director, Head of Transformation, Morgan Stanley

Feb 20, 2020 - Artificial Intelligence: A Look at Machine Learning

Cocktails and Dinner, 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Hilton Westchester, Rye Brook, NY

A Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the buzzword of the last few years. The hype has peaked and troughed causing AI “summers” and “winters”. The 2010s were arguable the hottest AI summer yet. So are we heading into an AI winter as the realities of implementing AI projects sinks in? in 2018, 20% of executives expected to deploy AI enterprise wide in 2019. But in 2019, only 4% said the same for 2020. In this panel, we will hear how one aspect of AI – machine learning – is being used to help organizations gain competitive advantage. And we’ll hear about some of the struggles along the way.

Jeanette Horan, IBM CIO (Retired)
Board member (Nokia, Wolters Kluwer)


Norm Jacknis, Professor, Columbia University

Elissa Moses, CEO, BrainGroup Global

Alex Tyrell, SVP, Advanced Technology, Wolters Kluwer

Jan 16, 2020 - Hiring and Inspiring The Next Generation Workforce

Cocktails and Dinner, 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Water's Edge at Giovanni's, Darien, CT

Lucy Tancredi moderates a panel highlighting Millennials, Generation Z and an HR early career pipeline specialist

Just when you were starting to have a handle on managing Millennials, here comes Generation Z. While Millennials (age 23-38) still make up the majority of the workforce, Generation Z (22 and under) is even bigger, a full quarter of the American population. Having grown up fully immersed in technology, an explosion of non-stop information, and an uncertain economic climate, what unique characteristics do they have? What motivates Millennials and Generation Z to join and stay with an organization, and how can you get their best?

Lucy Tancredi, SVP, Cognitive Computing, FactSet Corporation
Executive Committee, Director of STEM Outreach for FWSIM

Julie D. Grzeda, Director of Early Career Talent Development, GE

Kaity Lambracht, Program Manager, FactSet Corporation

Mike Certoma, Product Business Analyst, Sitehands

Jessica Benkert, SHS student, Founder of Stamford Girls Who Code