Evolution of a Technology Leader

On January 28, 2021, Sigal Zarmi interviewed Greg Fell probing into his career leadership evolution, from CIO at Terex, to COO at Gama Aviation and, currently, CEO of Tsu Social. Greg shared his learned leadership lessons and why the technology executive is uniquely positioned to lead horizontally.

Greg’s early career started as a software developer.

“I didn’t see myself anything more than a technical person” -Greg Fell.

In his early 30’s, Greg had a manager and mentor who saw him as having the skills to grow into a leadership role and was willing to provide him coaching; “you’re like a math guy, you see how to solve a problem. Management is just like that, thinking about the process and how do you solve the problem.” Eventually, Greg was offered the opportunity to lead a team of ten IT professionals where he successfully led the team and major project initiatives. Greg’s success led to being promoted into an area outside of IT and an area he knew nothing about, manufacturing. This opportunity brought him new thinking, new challenges and new success. Eventually, Greg was promoted to CIO for Ford Motor Company, a Fortune 500 company.

In 2006 Greg joined Terex as the CIO. In 2008/2009 as part of a company restructure, crisis led to opportunity for Greg and he took on additional responsibilities as the CIO+.

With Greg’s continuous desire to grow his career, he learned he needed to find opportunities to grow or leave to get the experiences he desired. He made a consensus decision to forge a path to CEO. He started by taking a job in a technology company on the business side. In addition, Greg became very active with board work which enabled him to apply both his technology and business knowledge. From his board work, his skills were noticed by an executive recruiter who helped him in his next career move, becoming the COO for Gama Aviation, LLC where he successfully contributed to the growth of the company.

Greg has a diverse collection of hobbies and interests which has helped him make connections with people throughout his career and this has helped power his networking interactions and career growth.

Today, Greg is CEO of Tsu, a social media platform whose users capture value by creating and sharing original content from all over the world. Our community includes celebrities, athletes, artists, and everyday people. Greg believes and predicts that social media is evolving and will become a significant driver of ecommerce.  CIO’s need to consider how to best leverage the growth opportunity social media offers their companies.

Key learnings:

(1) one must continuously learn and apply themselves;

(2) bring a new level of thinking in every challenge;

(3) find opportunities to grow or leave to get your desired experience; and

(4) having the ability to build relationships with people is important.

-- Written by Montos Vakirtzis