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Business Capabilities: A Framework for Achieving Strategic and Organizational Alignment

Pariveda Solutions engages with clients to help them improve strategic and organizational alignment. We frame these engagements around Business Capabilities. Business Capabilities can be used as a “bridge” to link Strategy, Initiatives, Costs, etc. in a way that promotes better and more consistent understanding within an organization. The value of Business Capabilities framework stems from three main characteristics:

  • Common Language: Business Capabilities provide a common language so that different business functions can communicate more uniformly. This has some value in and of itself and may be the end goal in some cases. However, much greater value can be realized when business capabilities are used as the common ground for a number of analyses in additional areas, such as competitive advantage/differentiation, cost savings, and budget/investment planning.
  • Wide scope: Business Capabilities can be used in the context of a department, a business unit or an enterprise.
  • Level of detail: Business Capabilities can be expanded upon at virtually any level of detail to suit a broad range of purposes. The goal is to facilitate decisions in a timely and informed way. This white paper presents a set of tools to drive alignment and actions to achieve desired business objectives.

This white paper presents a set of tools to drive alignment and actions to achieve desired business objectives.

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Workforce Futures: The Role of People in the Future of Work

Workforce Futures presents a vision for flexible and remote work through the eyes of those on the frontlines, based on 6,600 surveys. It provides a deep-dive analysis into the tools, trends, and technologies that will define the working world over the years to come, along with commentary from industry thought leaders including Frost & Sullivan, Flexcel Network, The Solo Project, and more.

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Breaking Barriers: How CIOs are Shaping the Future of Work

Breaking Barriers is a global research study on how CIOs, current workers, and future worker are approaching the changing workplace. The study was based on more than 10,000 surveys.

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