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November Virtual Event


Nov 5, 2020 Taking Control of your Technology Landscape & Reducing Technical Debt

We were excited to welcome Charlie Lowhorn, Chief Digital Advisor and Eric Peffer, Managing Director with World Wide Technology (WWT), who discussed how to Take Control of your Technology Landscape & Reducing Technical Debt in our November meeting. Most organizations face the complexity of reducing technical debt, rationalizing applications, migrating to multi-cloud architectures and implementing a zero-trust security posture. There is extraordinary pressure on IT to concurrently deliver all of these, while reducing costs and maintaining and improving operational stability. Now, more than ever, the pace of change needs to accelerate, and operational savings need to fund transformation initiatives.

In order to execute this amount of change effectively, it is imperative to understand the true IT risk and cost starting positions. A lack of understanding about how applications, infrastructure and security controls are tethered together is a common challenge when trying to execute transformative activities. Unfortunately, this problem reveals itself in the form of change related outages, project timeline slippages, budget over-runs and in the worst cases, security breaches and failed initiatives. The industry is littered with examples of all of these.

Eric and Charlie shared how so many companies find themselves in this state, and what can be done to start to take control over your technology landscape. We thank WWT for sponsoring the November meeting.

About Charlie:

Charlie has spent the majority of his career shaping and managing the execution of complex transformation programs that help organizations understand the combination of process design and digital technologies to drive their relevance in an increasingly data-driven digital marketplace. His focus is on business outcomes and results, then he helps apply the best processes and technology to drive business value. He has always been digital and customer-focused, including in his roles as Chief Digital Advisor at World Wide Technology, Chief Customer Officer at Riversand, EVP of Digital Strategy at Amplifi, and SVP of Digital Strategy & Execution with Stibo Systems.

About Eric:

Eric has more than 20 years of consulting experience and has provided assistance to organizations around the globe. As a Managing Director at World Wide Technology, Eric oversees the Application and Asset Assurance (AAA) practice that helps global organizations right-size their technology footprint, improve operational stability, and ensure their security posture. In his prior role at Deloitte, Eric supported multiple industry sectors in Southeast Asia with a primary focus on large-scale IT strategy, operations and transformation initiatives.

Charlie Lowhorn                                   Eric Peffer