President's Message

Sunil Notani headshotDear Members,

Firstly, I want to thank you for being a SIM member and for your continued loyalty to the SIM NY Metro Chapter!

Also, for those of you who don’t know me, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I recently assumed the role of President of our Chapter.  I started my career in the business functions of Sales, Marketing and Operations, and then transitioned to leadership roles in Technology.  Throughout my career, I have learned that an outstanding customer (member) experience is the top most priority in any organization.  My primary objectives as President are to ensure that you are getting increasing value from your SIM membership; and for SIM NY Metro to strive to become “Member Centric” by focusing on your satisfaction in everything we do, and as a result to become the premier, prestigious, influential and most valuable community of Senior Technology Leaders in our area.

The SIM NY Board and I remain dedicated to ensuring that you get value from your membership, even more so than before.  With our redefined value proposition, we will provide a robust set of high value offerings which includes quality networking with your peers, professional development, and rewarding opportunities with outreach to enable you to give back to our communities.

Last year was extraordinary by any measure, in which we all faced and overcame personal and professional challenges.  As we come out of this difficult time in each of our lives, I am extremely proud of how our members have stepped up over the past year to help each other, and their organizations to use technology to be resilient and transform during the most trying of circumstances. 

Last but not the least, my sincere appreciation for all our partners who remained steadfast and committed during these difficult times. I am extremely grateful for their support and I look forward to growing our partnerships in the coming years.

I remain personally committed to connecting with each of you more often, and look forward to meeting you in person at our Holiday Party in December, if not sooner.  Thanks again for being a member and for your continued support! 

Cindy Finkelman
President, SIM NY Metro