STEM Outreach

Our mission is to help middle and high school students better understand the many opportunities in tech and learn of the many careers they may identify with. By creating fun, interactive learning environments, our STEM outreach program encourages and empowers students to start thinking about their careers early. We partner in this effort with college students seeking a wide range of degrees in IT related majors, providing them the opportunity to build leadership skills by helping us engage with younger students. We approach STEM Outreach with a focus on community, on building not just technical skills but leadership and pride in our communities.

SIM STEM Outreach creates opportunities for schools, students, and technical professionals to build relationships that benefit each other and the community through:
  • 2 Middle School Classroom Visits
    (with Build-an-App activity and Career Presentation)
  • High School Career Day Participation
  • Professional Job Shadows (new in 2020)

SIM STEM Outreach has connected with over 17,000 students across Portland, Vancouver, and Corvallis. Students at UP, WSUV, and OSU were connected with our professionals and helped present to younger students.

If you're a teacher and are interested in getting SIM STEM in your classroom, or a tech professional and would like the opportunity to share your knowledge with curious students, contact

Student Tech Tours

Coordinating with colleges and universities, we bring over 70 students to the most influential and innovative local companies using technology and data to improve their organizations and industries. College students involved in Stem Outreach have the opportunity to visit these top tech facilities, see first hand the process and outcomes of innovation within the field, and learn from industry leaders' insight into their roles and organizations.

Employers have the opportunity to promote their business to talented students nearing graduation and preparing to join the workforce. It's a great way to get first-hand access to a top talent pool.


Following this day of exploration, students and SIM members who participated in STEM Outreach gather for a banquet dinner and a scholarship celebration. We invite a prominent keynote speaker, and we honor and celebrate our students' dedication to learning and teaching STEM in our communities.

If you're an employer interested in hosting a SIM STEM Tech Tour, contact