Giving Back

This is our 20th year that SIM Portland has made charitable contributions to the local community.  SIM Portland recognized that there is a dearth of qualified local professionals in the fast-evolving world of IS and IT.  In support of the pipeline for future talents in the fast-evolving world of IS and IT, SIM Portland partnered with local universities.  The scholarship is given to deserving students in the 4-year degree program in Business Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or Operational technology management. 

In conjunction with this relationship with these local universities, SIM Portland also runs a STEM outreach program that focuses on Middle and High school students.  To date, we have reached over 14,000 students in local schools

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Philanthropy Process

SIM Portland Chapter funds are awarded through a proposal process with evaluation by the SIM Portland Chapter Philanthropy Committee. All SIM Portland Chapter awards are sent to registered 501(c)3 foundations related to local universities.  SIM Portland Philanthropy Committee will evaluate proposals against the Chapter’s defined metrics to award charitable donations.