Chapter Board

To contact a board member, email

Elizabeth DeckerElizabeth Decker, President

Debbie WilsonDebbie Wilson, SIM Women Chair

Leslie AlbrightLeslie Albright, Marketing Co-Chair

Tamecka McKayTamecka McKay, Treasurer

MarkLudwig.pngMark Ludwig, Vice President

Camilo OsunaCamilo Osuna, Programs Co-Chair

Nandish PatelNandish Patel, Marketing Co-Chair

Mike Conway, Membership Chair

Jansen PennockJansen Pennock, Programs Co-Chair 

Ryan BarrasRyan Barras, Partnership Chair

Committee Members

Nikki CabusNikki Cabus, Partnerships Committee Member

johnbruno.pngJohn Bruno, CIO Advisory Committee

Beth Wagmeister, Programs / DEI Committee Member

There are open positions on the board for:  
  • Secretary
We are also seeking volunteers for the following committees:
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Marketing Intern or Committee
  • Programs Committee
  • SIM Women Committee

AlexFunkhouser1.pngAlex Funkhouser, CIO Advisory Committee

Daphne JonesDaphne Jones, CIO Advisory Committee

Manuel Bautista
Manuel Bautista, CIO Advisory Committee

Donnette Hayes.pngDonnette Hayes, Programs / DEI Committee Member