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  • Tuesday

    Digital Transformation Dinner

    Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET
    Digital Transformation is everywhere. The way organizations relate, communicate and do business with their customers is rapidly moving toward a digital footprint. As Forrester Research headlined their latest report,‘Digital technology is drastically altering the balance of power between customers and companies. While customers gain the power of information and choice, digital technology dramatically improves the economics of business.’ When was the last time you went inside a bank? Internal processes are increasingly digital as well. Law firms review documents using the frightening sounding ‘machine learning’ – saving thousands of man-hours annually. This fun and fascinating presentation will tell the story and lessons learned from Lloyds Bank’s journey from absorbing HSBC to form Europe’s largest bank and Mortgage lender with virtually no digital presence, to becoming Britain’s largest digital bank, despite a potpourri of legacy platforms, brands, and products. The journey was and is all about people. Stakeholders, consultants, IT, IM’s, delivery teams and those who end up working with the new systems – all are people.