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Membership in the South Florida Chapter

Join SIM South Florida! Network and share knowledge with a valuable cohort of industry peers at both a regional and a national level. SIM South Florida welcomes senior level professionals, managers, academics, consultants and other leaders in IT and business.

You can join SIM South Florida through a joint membership with Tech Hub South Florida or you can apply for a stand-alone SIM South Florida membership. With either membership please review the membership criteria below. Contact if you have any questions.

Joint membership with Tech Hub South Florida

Joint membership is only available IT Practitioners in either a for profit or not for profit organization.

  • South Florida TechHub Joint For-Profit Member $295
  • South Florida TechHub Joint Non-Profit Member $215

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Membership Policy

Membership is open to senior IT executives and managers working in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and to college-university professors involved in IT-related education.

Qualifications and Restrictions

Persons who serve in any of the following capacities are eligible for membership in the Chapter:


Senior information technology executives in public or private sector organizations who meet one of the following: 

  • Head of enterprise or divisional information technology organization. 
  • IT Management staff member, at the Director level or equivalent, supporting corporate or division information technology heads as certified by the head of the organization.


Senior leaders whose primary responsibilities are not those of a technology practitioner but still have relevant interest technology and related topics.  These categories may include:


    • Academic positions at accredited universities or colleges, who are making significant contributions to the field of information technology.


    • Leaders at the senior (partner/principal level) who directly contribute value to IT executives and the IT profession and who are in a position to influence the direction of their own company or their clients’ companies, or former IT executives who have transitioned to a consultant role  

Other Leaders 

    • Non-IT Executives, holding senior business positions in public or private sector organizations, whose primary responsibility is not information management, but who play a key role in the use of information technology in their own organizations
    • Other Leaders who hold positions involved in the shaping and influencing of law and/or government policy involving the professional issues of concern to information technology executives.

Vendors / Sales Personnel  

    • Senior level personnel whose primary responsibility is to conduct business development or sales of IT products or services may be allowed to join the chapter provide they also bring along a new member who meets the IT Practitioner criteria and that this qualifying member remains an active member in the chapter.
    • To preserve the integrity of the Chapter, the Chapter membership percentage of Vendors / Sales Personnel will not be greater than 25%.  Applications from individuals in this group when the Chapter membership is at the maximum percentage of 25% Vendors / Sales Personnel will be placed on hold until such time the percentage of other qualified members increases sufficiently to maintain the desired mix.  

The above criteria are the guidelines for membership into the chapter, however the Board reserves the right to approve applications, by majority vote, for individuals that the Board feels will bring significant value to the Chapter regardless of the membership criteria (for example if the applicant will serve in an active chapter Board position or a committee).  

SIM South Florida Membership Dues

  • South Florida For-Profit Non-Practitioner Member $500
  • South Florida Individual For-Profit Practitioner $250
  • South Florida Individual Non-Profit Practitioner $170
  • South Florida Non-Profit Non-Practitioner Member $250
  • South Florida Retired For-Profit Member $100
  • South Florida Retired Non-Profit Member $60
  • South Florida Enterprise Membership 3 members with 10% discount

General information regarding SIM membership

Connecting over 5,000 of the world's premier IT leaders for business solution exchange, timely education and professional development, SIM members receive a number of tangible and intangible benefits.

Benefits Include:

  • Networking: Local chapter meetings, conferences, roundtables and seminars
  • Knowledge Sharing: Working Group deliverables, Advanced Practices Council (APC) research, bi-monthly, Member eNewsletter, Webcasts and SIM's online community,
  • Education: Access to the SIM Regional Leadership Forum™, providing industry-specific training for future IT leaders.
  • Advocacy: The collaborative "voice” of SIM on issues such as cyberspace security and software licensing.
  • Industry Leadership: Access to peers who understand and manage similar challenges and issues.

* SIM adheres to a strict policy against marketing or commercial activity during meetings unless specifically authorized by the Board as part of a sponsorship agreement within specified limits.

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