A Shared Interest Group (SIG) of the Society of Information Management (SIM)

Professionals across the US, promoting the End User Service Management (EUSM) function within SIM and the Information Technology industry.



Build a networking for SIM members across the US enabling an exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge to share best practices and innovations in the EUSM function.

SIG Leadership

Samantha Seymour
SIM Dallas Fort Worth

Fractional CIO / IT Operations Leader

Paul Teodorescu
SIM Central Florida

Director IT Client Services at Travel + Leisure Co.

Gloria A. Trott
SIM Western New York

IT Director, Infrastructure, Workstation Operations & End User Support



  • Raise AWARENESS for industry best practices through engaging meetings on a periodic basis
  • Enable COLLABOARATION between practitioners through forums and ideas exchanges
  • Increase PARTICIPATION of practitioners interested in EUSM topics

What’s in it for me?

As IT Leaders with EUSM responsibility, we are often challenged with conflicting agendas. Business teams need quick to market, easy to use solutions while Security, Risk & Audit Teams need secure and traceable solutions and End Users just need it now.

How do we solve for challenges like these? Together! Join us as we explore new ideas, solutions and technologies that enable organizations like yours to reimagine the delivery of EUSM functions.  


How do we make it happen?

  • Meet and interact with peers and industry experts on a periodic basis
  • Exchange ideas, experiences & best practices with other SIM practitioners across the country
  • Research and learn from the variety of resources available on our private group site

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