Special Interest Groups

New Opportunity to Engage with fellow SIM MN & National Members!

As announced at our May 21st Chapter Meeting, SIM MN is providing even more opportunities for its members to engage, network, learn, and contribute.

For those of you looking to collaborate with your industry peers on more specific domains than we typically touch on at the monthly Chapter Meetings, we have started the following Domain Groups. If you’re interested in participating in any of these, please reach out to the contacts listed:
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  1. Enterprise Architecture. Please contact Lisa Schurch or Kyle Walker
  2. STEM (already active). Please contact Shelly Wolfram
  3. Women in Technology. Please contact Harold Knutson
  4. IT Trends/Advance Practices Council. Please contact Harold Knutson or Tim Rolfing
  5. Cyber Security. Please contact Bryce Austin or Chad Strunk
These domain leaders and anyone wishing to collaborate with them will establish their own times and methods to connect on these topics, immediately. The SIM MN Board stands ready to support them in their efforts.

Should none of these domains strike a chord with you and you have a strong desire to create a group focusing on a domain not listed above (e.g. SIM Foundation efforts, Academics, Procurement, etc.), please contact Harold Knutson.

SIM MN Board of Directors