SIM Arizona Board - Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor, Advisor to Board of Directors

Simon Taylor recently joined WGM as Executive Vice President, Business Development. Simon has worked in Information Technology and Security for over three decades, with extensive  experience  across  product  innovation,  business  development,  business transformation,  and  IT  operations  management.  He  has  held  executive  positions  at leading technology and financial services companies across Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America; including a total of fifteen years at global banking giant HSBC, where 
he was latterly Head of IT Operations for the seven countries of the ‘Americas’ region. 

More recently, Simon served as VP of Product and Consultant to the Board of Glasswall Solutions Ltd, the award-winning UK cyber security innovator. Simon holds a Bachelor of 
Science Degree in Computer Science and Microelectronics from Newcastle University in the UK.