Committee Members:

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Chair: Rebecca Gasser

Committee Members:

Marketing assistance to all SIM Philadelphia committees and the membership, including, but not limited to, flyers, news announcements, signage, photography, social media coordination, etc. Content proofing and advising to all committees and the membership.


Chair: Sanjay Khatnani

Committee Members: Chris Kulczytzky, Jean Buskirk, Bill Peterson, Bill Meyerwitz, Joe Yesulitas

The membership committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, retention and education—bringing in new members, teaching them about SIM Philadelphia and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. 

The membership chair develops new member prospect lists and recruitment opportunities. The membership chair works closely with the Board of Directors to plan membership drives and special club meetings for prospective members. The chair sets membership goals with input from the Board of Directors.

Members in Transition (MIT)

Chair: Kristen Lamoreaux

The purpose of the SIM MIT is to support our fellow Philadelphia SIM members that are currently in transition. Conducting a job search involves a great deal of research, coordination, networking, sales and marketing. Our weekly calls will follow a structured open forum where members can come together to discuss their searches and any challenges they’re facing. In addition to our weekly calls, we have a monthly Helpers call where sitting CIOs and Executive Search professionals join our call to assist our MIT members. MIT members can contact Helpers outside of the calls as well. Our program also includes coordinating Helping Hands for MIT members interested in pro bono consulting, national MIT efforts, and arranging breakfast meetings and webinars as requested.


Chair: Kristen Lamoreaux

The Partnership Committee identifies and works with professional organizations, networking groups and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia region to increase the participation and influence of SIM Philadelphia in the technology community.  The Partnership Committee is responsible for ensuring the success of two events each year: the Philadelphia Technology Leadership Summit and the HMG Strategy Forum.  Together with the Membership and Retention Committees, Partnership identifies and develops alliances with other networking groups to increase and extend its reach in the Region.


Chair: George Rears

CoChair: Chris Shull

Committee Members: Grace Schuler, Lawrence Bilker, Bharat Marani, Raju Sankuhrati, Gregory Black, Yvonne Cook, Michael McCain, Charles Anderson, Gary Summer

The Program Committee is responsible for planning and conducting the SIM Philadelphia Dinner Meetings, SIM Philadelphia Breakfast Meeting, Lunch Seminars, and networking sessions /Happy Hours. The Programming Committee may take on tasks to assist with programming special events as requested by the SIM Board.  

The Program Committee arranges for speakers, secures meeting locations, and creates the agenda for the events for which it is responsible. The Committee is also responsible for surveying membership about held events to ensure continuous performance.

Regional Leadership Forum (RLF)

Chair: Gregory  Barrett

The RLF Committee interfaces with recent RLF graduates to help shepherd them to full term membership in the Philadelphia SIM chapter.


-          Support the Mid-Atlantic RLF facilitators/instructors:

o   Ensure that notifications are sent out to the Philadelphia SIM chapter regarding the upcoming RLF class registration.

o   Attend one of the Mid-Atlantic RLF sessions (per the facilitators invitation) to speak to the attendees about SIM, focusing mainly on the Philadelphia SIM chapter (ex. what committees they can join, examples of programs they can attend).

o   Attend the graduation ceremony, handing out the Philadelphia SIM chapter Welcome Letters.

o   Post updates to the SIM Philadelphia website and LinkedIn regarding the graduation and any other relevant milestones.

-          After graduation, reach out to each of the graduates, establishing a further connection as they are now SIM Philadelphia chapter members.

-          Throughout the upcoming year, remain in contact with the RLF graduates, sharing upcoming events they may be interested in attending, answering any questions they may have, etc.

-          For those graduates that wish to attend an upcoming event, proactively provide support to ensure they feel a ‘warm welcome’ (ex. ahead of the meeting, pair them with an existing Philadelphia SIM member that will be attending the same event).


** Note: Some RLF attendees that ultimately choose the Philadelphia chapter as their SIM chapter may attend an RLF session other than the Mid-Atlantic session.  This could be due to various personal reasons.  It is not expected that the Philadelphia chapter RLF Committee would directly interact with other RLF sessions during their class.  Given that we would not learn of these RLF graduates until the end of their class, i.e. notified by SIM National, the SIM Philadelphia chapter RLF Committee would then reach out to the RLF graduate to connect one-on-one and provide them with their Welcome Letter via email.