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Recap from First SIMCAC Coffee Talk


Jonathan Rokita (SIMCAC Treasurer) hosted our first SIMCAC Coffee Talk on Wednesday morning, and it was a roaring success.  Tyler Greene (SIMCAC Membership Chair) and Brooke Montgomery (2021 SIMCAC Partner and Honorary Member) provided a number of insights about our region’s market for IT professionals, which sparked a robust discussion among SIMCAC member attendees.  Key takeaways included:

  • Data shows that our region leads in IT openings relative to the available talent pool (about 40% higher than other states)
  • Demand for infrastructure talent has decreased in 2021, attributed to the fact that most organizations accelerated investments in infrastructure early in the pandemic in order to accommodate remote work
  • Most current openings are for Digital, Data and Cyber positions
  • Many companies are investing in upskilling staff with non-technical backgrounds
  • Employers who are offering flexibility (in terms of remote work and working hours), making investments in continuing education, and clearly tying positions to the organization’s mission are winning the war for talent

Previewing our next SIMCAC event, the group also discussed how HR policies may need to reconsider employment sponsorship in order to achieve diversity goals.  Current and eligible prospective members are invited to join us and continue that discussion at this upcoming event, which starts at 4pm on March 23:  Diversity in the IT Workforce.