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April 19th Newsletter


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      As companies strive to better meet the needs and expectations of its customers, CIOs and technology executives play a critical role in identifying how advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, analytics, the Internet of Things, blockchain and cloud computing can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience, craft customer-focused business models and gain a competitive edge.

      The innovative mindset and courageous leadership required to partner with the C-suite and board of directors to transform the business will be the focal point of the 2019 Washington, D.C CIO Executive Leadership Summit.
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This Year's Speakers

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May SIMCAC Event, "The Human CIO in the Digital Age"
14th May - 5:30-8:00 PM - City Club, Washington, DC

Without question, the fast-and-furious change we are all experiencing in this digital age is an order of mega-ton magnitude. But whether you find this frenetic, fast-moving environment to be thrilling or overwhelming (or both!), you can’t ignore it: The stakes are far too high, and the revenue potential too great. Incremental innovation and slow adoption are no longer sufficient. You need to leapfrog or you’ll get left behind.

And leapfrogging means acknowledging that the twin forces of human resources and technology are both fundamental to sustainable success. No matter how you look at a business problem, tech and talent are part of the solution. Nobody in tech is not-talking about talent, and nobody in talent is not-talking about tech.

Talent wars for data scientists, developers, and other IT roles are real and those companies who don't have boundless pools of money need to compete in other ways to stay in the game. We're all going back to "tech school" but if we get lost in cutting edge technology alone, we'll find we've sliced ourselves wide open.  The ultimate goal for any company and leader shouldn't be "having the latest tech," it needs to be: staying relevant!

Relevance for your team: Good talent wants to feel empowered, appreciated and respected. Good people, regardless of organizational level, want to make a difference, have an impact and MATTER. They want to grow and learn because that's what engages your employees in their work. 

Relevant to your customers: They buy in, they feel connected and engaged when their online experiences and their human interactions are met with passion and efficiency. In a commoditized tech world, it's the human quotient that will create loyalty to the point where your products and services become enmeshed in their lives.

Relevance to the market: Whether you’re a thought leader in the market where the industry turns to you for what’s next or you're a steady player with consistent growth, the playing field is even right now because none of us have been here before. You as the Human CIO need to lead the way forward and doing so, you will have a dominant position in shaping where your industry goes next.

Kristen will share ideas, strategies, and how-to's for every leader to become an effective Human CIO in the Digital Age.  There isn't one way to accomplish this goal, and her real-world examples and stories will help you to adapt and develop a pragmatic strategy forward versus pie-in-the-sky platitudes. 

Our Speaker: Kristen Lameraeux, President & CEO of Lamoreaux Search

Kristen Lamoreaux

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Mark Your Calendars - The Inaugural SIMCAC Charity Golf Outing Will Take Place on September 27th, 2019

We welcome IT leaders to join us for a day of networking, golfing and giving back to the community. As IT leaders, it is our duty to give back to STEM and encourage others to join alongside us. We look forward to sharing this exciting golf outing with you. Learn more about the golf outing here.

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