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April 17th Newsletter


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 CyberSecurity Summit Webinar- 
Thursday, April 23rd from 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

We all agree that cybersecurity is paramount to protect our information security.  Join us for a discussion panel from industry leaders to learn how we can implement a successful cybersecurity program. We will be discussing: 

  • Identify Threat Actors: Best practices to identify and understanding the threat landscape. 
  • Protecting Employees, Processes, and Technologies: Use of defenses and control to protect assets and endpoints, infrastructure, and cloud apps and services.
  • Detecting Threats: Use of Security Operations Center (SOC) to detect threats early on and the use of log aggregators. 
  • Resiliency (Respond and Recover): Implementing a solid disaster recovery and business continuity planning to recover from an attack.  Steps to design an incident response team.    
  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Education: Asses and educate employees that an email from the CEO asking for gifts isn't legitimate. Cyber awareness training, phishing tests, and a variety of other methods considered best practices to help prevent attacks. 
  • Best Framework to Adopt: Discuss industry best practice to assess, protect, and remediate.


Lawk Salih, Vice President, Technology Systems and Services at ICBA


Wade Baker, Cybersecurity Researcher, Entrepreneur, Professor at Virginia Tech 

Derrick A. Butts, Chief Information and Cybersecurity Officer at Truth Initiative 

Edima Elinewinga, Chief Technology Officer, ZERO TO THREE

Mike King, Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Halfaker

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