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April 24th Newsletter


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Recap: Cybersecurity Summit

SIMCAC held our third virtual event of 2020 yesterday afternoon, with a panel discussion on cybersecurity. Five distinguished and diverse panelists participated in this highly attended online meeting: 

After starting the call with a virtual "meet and greet," the panelists discussed the impacts of external threats, which (according to the panel) represent the vast majority of attacks.  In fact, Derrick Butts provided an example of a cyber attack his team recently discovered and mitigated.  By using log traffic, they were able to rapidly assess and identify the attack, and promptly implement the appropriate defense.  It was a great example of understanding his organization's baseline, recognizing that a deviation was an attack, and effectively neutralizing the threat.

The panelists also discussed another major form of attack - the one originating from within the organization.  Several controls to internal threats were covered, including:

  • BYOD and Data Accessibility - In a world, where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is getting more and more popular, techniques and best practices to limit the amount of data accessible from any device was a popular consideration.
  • Data Loss Prevention - Systems and techniques that make an organization better prepared for personal information protection / compliance (including HIPPA), intellectual property protection, and overall data visibility were considered crucial.
  • Cybersecurity awareness training - Research shows that when phishing and other cyber security trainings are provided to employees, the risk of cyber attacks goes down by a considerable margin.

Throughout the program, panelists also answered questions from the audience about various additional cybersecurity related topics, including: disaster recovery, precautionary and defensive measures, identifying threat actors, and known tools and techniques to be more cyber vigilant.

We would like to thank all of our panelists, who made this event a success.  Hope to see you at next month's event!

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