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June 22nd Newsletter


Welcome to the SIMCAC Weekly Newsletter....
....Where each week, we'll share SIMCAC announcements, member spotlights, local/national industry news, upcoming events, and recaps of past ones! 

The Results Are In: 
Last week's question: "Are you currently using RPA?" 

Over 80% of respondents said they are NOT using RPA!

This week's question:
How has the sudden WHF affected productivity for traditionally non-remote companies?



*|SURVEY: Productivity has increased|*

*|SURVEY: Productivity has decreased|*

*|SURVEY: Productivity has remained the same|*

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SIMCAC's Annual Member Appreciation Wine Dinner is July 18th!

It’s clear that we won’t be able to have our annual wine dinner in person this year, but we’re not going to let that stop us from celebrating together!  We are actively working with Chef Anna Rendon, owner of ChiquiChef, and Andy Meyrowitz, Manager at The Wine Harvest, to develop a menu of heavy appetizers and desserts, paired with 2 different wines.  The food and wine will be enough for you and one guest, and it will be available for pickup at the Wine Harvest in Potomac, MD on Saturday, July 18th

We will come together virtually that evening, where Anna and Andy will guide us through the menu as we catch up as a community.  This is open to all current members in good standing (if you still haven’t renewed for the year, we encourage you to do that ASAP so you don’t miss the registration window).  Specifics around the menu and logistics will be communicated early next week, and registration will be open until June 30th. Be sure to register early to avoid missing this one.

Register Now To Attend! 


Virtual Wine Event Registration
Recap - June CxO Virtual Roundtable Breakfast

SIMCAC proudly hosted another great CxO exclusive breakfast on Friday, July 12th, this time focusing on the challenges of re-opening after Covid-19. Led by a presentation from Stafford County CTO Michael Cannon, we discussed some of the physical infrastructure challenges (distancing desks, partitions, coffee stations, etc.) as well as ensuring staff are healthy before they enter the workplace. We also discussed some of the technical challenges  such as no-touch/low-touch support and HW repair. The conversation moved into talking with CIOs across an array of industries and how they were dealing with reopening and the unique challenges their vertical faced as well as their specific company.


Our next virtual breakfast is this monthly series is July 10th, and we will continue to discuss the challenges we face in “new normal."  This month’s topic will be around managing remote end points. As we surpass the 90 day mark of many shutdown orders, we begin to see new issues cropping up with laptops and hardware that used to come in to the office at least some of the time. The concept of VDI as new IT norm is not so far fetched anymore. You won’t want to miss this discussion - register today!

July's SIMCAC CxO Roundtable Breakfast - Registration
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