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July 28th Newsletter


Welcome to the SIMCAC Weekly Newsletter....
....Where each week, we'll share SIMCAC announcements, member spotlights, local/national industry news, upcoming events, and recaps of past ones! 

STEM Give Back Opportunity
Here's another way you and your company can give back. 

We're asking local IT leaders to Get Involved! Now, more than ever, there are ways that we can help!
For more information or suggestions on other non-profits that need our support, please contact Nanci Schimizzi

‍human-I-T provides low-income individuals and nonprofits with technology, internet, and digital training. 
By reusing instead of recycling electronics, their team transforms E-Waste into opportunities for underserved communities, while promoting digital inclusion and online access. 
Both individuals and companies can donate computer equipment which is then wiped clean and reused. Refer to their website to donate!  

Almost Normal - A Recap of our 7th Annual Member Appreciation Wine & Food Pairing

Our annual member appreciation wine and food pairing event has become a perennial favorite for members over the last several years.  Unlike other events hosted SIMCAC, where senior technology executives are drawn together based on shared professional ambitions and interests, this special celebration provides an ability to build and deepen friendships and community in ways that our other events simply can’t match.   Whether that’s due to the inclusion of significant others, or simply the flow of good food and wine, it’s part of SIMCAC’s special sauce that makes membership such a beneficial and meaningful investment.
That’s why our board couldn‘t imagine skipping this year’s celebration, and why so many volunteers (including spouses) were eager to make sure that wouldn’t happen.  So, after weeks of preparation, long days of hand-etching wine glasses, and hours of packaging and distribution, we were finally able to come together on Saturday, July 18th for a SIMCAC event that, while virtual, felt almost normal.
After a brief period of mingling, our chef (Anna Rendon of the ChiquiChef) and our sommelier (Andy Meyrowitz of Schneider’s of Capitol Hill) guided attendees as they paired Cava and Garnacha with a charcuterie board and desserts.  Favorites included the silky-smooth chicken liver mousse pate and the gorgeous and delicious panna cotta in dark chocolate tulip cups.  Throughout, Anna and Andy answered a broad set of questions about wine and food as members and their significant others laughed and exchanged wine and food stories.
It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been full of personal and professional challenges, but it's times like these when community is more important than ever.  As a board, we are committed to continue to bring you that and more.  We wish you a wonderful rest of the summer, and encourage each of you to continue to leverage the connections this group provides.  As such, if you need help finding a member with a specific specialty or common interest, please reach out to a board member.  We also encourage you to attend our programs through the end of the year, as we have some amazing things planned. 

Special thanks to:

  • Anna Rendon ( and Andy Meyrowitz ( who partnered for the second straight year to deliver amazing food and wine
  • Randi and Marty Meyrowitz, the owners of The Wine Harvest in Potomac, MD, who graciously allowed us to use their store for packaging and pick up
  • Michael Cannon, Michael Huthwaite, and James Parks, who worked with Andy and Anna to define the menu, select the wines, and organize and execute the event
  • Kim Huthwaite, who spent hours hand etching wine glasses with Michael
  • Sulav and Lilian Regmi who designed and developed the SIMCAC materials included with the food and wine
  • Lawk Salih and Ray Barber who volunteered to help package and prepare the food and wine for pickup
We hope you'll enjoy these event photos as much as we do:
Preparing for go-time: (upper left) Kim Huthwaite hand etches our SIMCAC Wine Glasses; (upper right) Mike Huthwaite, Lawk Salih, Ray Barber, and Michael Cannon packaging wine and food on Friday evening; (lower right) James Parks and Michael Cannon prepare to welcome members for package pick up on Saturday morning; (lower left) packages of wine and glasses waiting for pick up
Wine and Food pick up: (upper left) Michael Cannon and Prabhash Shrestha catching up; (upper right) Bob Ferry & Debbie Schweinhaut; (lower right) Derrick Butts; (lower left) Sulav and Lilian Regmi
What a wonderful spread!
Andy and Anna start us off with a toast:  "To another great year. Although we are still so far away, right now we are here together!"
It was great to get together: (top to bottom, left to right) Michael and Kim Huthwaite, Lilian and Sulav Regmi, Madeline Weiss, Nanci Schimizzi, Fara Francis, Joe Kraus, Nina and Kshmendra Paul, Suzie Morton, and Edima Elinewinga
It was great to get together: (top to bottom, left to right) Michelle and James Parks, Aaron Weinberg, Michael Cannon, Mohamoud Jibrell, Denise Russell Fleming, Prabhash Shrestha, Ray Barber and Patricia Farrell, John and Heather Lambeth, David Tamayo & Hypatia Alexandria
SIMCAC'S August Event: 2020 Virtual Planning Session

Open to SIMCAC Members ONLY

All SIM Capital Area members are invited to join the Board at the annual planning meeting on August 11th at 9am. Our topics will include revisiting our strategic plan, our goals for 2020, the 2020 events calendar, development of our annual budget, and plans for our charitable foundation. This is a great opportunity to get on the inside of Chapter operations, meet your SIM colleagues, and influence the upcoming activities of the Chapter. Hope to "see" you there!

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