Board Members

Todd  President
   Jim Marascio
   Chief Deliver Officer & CTO

Shawn  Treasurer
   Demetrius Jackson
    IT Director, 
   ACAG Carolinas

John_Murdock.png  Membership Co-Chair
   John Murdock
   Executive Search Partners

elvis.png  Programs Co-Chair
   Elvis Lopez
   Technology Executive

  Past President 
   Todd Buelow
   Dualboot Partners

Todd  Communications Co-Chair
   Todd Carson
   VP IT

Michelle  SIM Women Co-Chair 

   Michelle Coviello
   VP of Client Development
   Dualboot Partners

Randy  Sponsorship Co-Chair
   Randy Franklin
   VP & Market GM

Chris  STEM Outreach &
  Philantropy Co-Chair

   Chris Johnson
   Sr. Director, Risk Mgmt

amy.png  SIM Women
   Daidre Fanis
   Associate Partner
   M&S Consulting

Chris   VP & President Elect
   Chris Long
   Director IT

Amy  Secretary
   Amy Phillips
   IT Executive

Casey..Membership Co-Chair
   Casey Zaitz
   Sr. Consultant
   M&S Consulting

Melissa  Programs Co-Chair
    Melissa Sawyer
    Client Engagement Executive

Sony  Sponsorship Co-Chair
   Sonny  Rivera
    Sr. Analytics Evangelist

tomcooper.png  Members In Transition

   Tom Cooper
   BrightHill Group

Sridhar  STEM Outreach Co-Chair
   Sridhar Dasu
   IT Operational Excellence
   & Strategy Leader

   Coca-Cola Consolidated

..Communications Co-Chair
   Katya Gorlatova
   Founder and CEO

Chris.png  Administrator 
Meg  Richard