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Dear IT Professional,

SIM Members in Transition is a free educational and support resource designed to assist Colorado IT Executives with advancing and accelerating their job search to find the right next step in their career.

What began as a simple idea in 2016 to support our thriving Denver tech community has evolved into the SIM MIT group as it stands today, helping over 500 IT professionals in Colorado with career transitions to date. As of 2017, the decision was made to welcome all IT management professionals in-transition as an investment in our collective success.

There are a variety of ways to engage with our MIT SIM community:

  1. Follow us on LinkedIn, and learn more about how SIM MIT’s local cochairs, Chris Beisler and Robert Sheldon, can assist you in your search.
  2. To join our Slack collaboration channel, contact Chris Beisler and Robert Sheldon.
  3. To receive invitations to our virtual and in-person networking events, contact Chris Beisler and Robert Sheldon.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

Chris Beisler

Co - Chair: Chris Beisler

SIM Members-In-Transition (SIM)

Robert Shelden

Co - Chair: Robert Shelden

SIM Members-In-Transition (SIM)

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