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SIM Memphis Monthly Meeting


Thursday, May 13, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM CST


Organizing for Digital Success - Capabilities and Considerations to Drive Value 

Achieving digital relevance requires so much more than providing technology solutions.  Learn about the investments that manufacturing and distribution leaders are making in the underlying marketing, sales, supply chain, and governance capabilities required of a modern digital business.  We will share how to determine your desired maturity and the results you can expect.  Focused on practical examples grounded in real world constraints, this session will explore what you can do to get started or go faster.


Please join us for this very different and very exciting topic that brings a completely new way of thinking about marketing and how it is an integral part of the entire organization.  It is about how IT and the business can work together to create a competitive advantage in marketing.

Our guest speaker is Dwayne Doshier, Director of Strategic Consulting, The Gorilla Group. 

Dwayne is a seasoned e-commerce strategist with a practitioner viewpoint for improving the ecommerce success and maturity of B2B sellers. He leads the strategy practice at Gorilla, delivers engaging and memorable workshops, and frequently speaks at client sales summits and eCommerce trade shows.  He is passionate about helping B2B sellers achieve eCommerce success using meaningful value propositions, differentiated experiences, and the power of teams.