Copy of 202002 - May

May Virtual Event



For our first virtual chapter event, we had quite a participation base with lots of great questions and interaction using Zoom technology. Our panelists included: (from top left to right)
* Tony Fischer: CIO, City of Germantown
* Aaron Goodwin: CISO, B Riley Financial
* Steve Crocker: CISO, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Moderated by: (bottom right)
* Jarrett Morgan: CIO, Memphis Airport Authority

Technical facilitation (bottom left)
* Jim Kothe: VP Sales and Operations, Expediant

Our speakers shared their person reflections for relevant, evolving questions related to the COVID situation. Discussion points included:
-How our society is changing due to the COVID pandemic. Some of these may be lasting changes. (i.e. shopping, travel (personal and work), restaurants)
- How telecommuting will evolve as a result of what we are going through, Some companies are deciding to remain remote indefinitely, resulting in some spending savings in the long term.
-How will specific industries with unique challenges rebound from this? Cruise industry for example – how and when will they recover?
- How we have historically enjoyed sporting events and concerts may change long term; what does ‘normal’ look like for the future?
-How will education change in the future?
-As a result of COVID new IT tools are surfacing rapidly – Zoom, Telehealth solutions for example are fairly new, with some slow adoption rate. Several other tools that are also experiencing this rapid uptick in adoption very suddenly. Maybe new markets of IT opportunity to explore here.
- How are different IT organizations preparing to get back to work? Leveraging the phased approach, what are different people planning?
-Reflections on leadership: be open, be honest, be available, be realistic (not just optimistic), find ways to motivate employees in this unique situation

In the end, it’s obvious that many businesses are seeing IT differently due to this situation. IT is being elevated and valued for what our organizations and people bring to the table. IT is being recognized as being a key enabler in times of strife and our business partners will revisit their disaster recovery plans, and perhaps create a pandemic plan for future use and IT will be at the center for that future.