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January 2021 Virtual Event

Jan 28, 2021

We were excited to kick off the year with a great panel that shared their stories on how they have navigated and leveraged technology through the challenging pandemic. We heard about the lessons learned and how businesses have transformed in a short period of time.   

Our panelists highlighted below were Susie Cordell, Director of Information Technology at American Contract Bridge League, Jeff Wilhelmy, Sr. Manager for Customer & Supply Chain Services for Application Services at International Paper, and Lana Davenport, Director of Cyber Security at TruGreen. Our moderator is Sridhar Sunkara, CEO eBiz Solutions.
They shared with us their experiences and reflections for how COVID has changed their work environments, addressing questions like:
* How has your Business Model evolved?
* How do you recruit and engage employees now that remote working is so popular?
* Is working from home the new norm in your environment?

And many other questions.  Thanks for your reflections and sharing with us!