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SIM Seattle event: Insights that apply to all -
Leadership, Technology, Culture, Finance, and People
featuring David Bell, REI Platform Engineering

Quick Overview:

  • David will discuss REI's Cloud journey, and the
    successes and learnings they have experienced 
  • David's talk will highlight how technology
    change is just the tip of the iceberg

Event Detail-

REI was not born in the cloud and like most firms their cloud journey required strategic decisions, justification, planning, and execution. Leveraging the cloud brings transformational changes to the organization with increases in speed and agility, scaling compute autonomously, reduction in capital expenditures, and forms of innovation. However, these are only realized through changes in the organization and department's operating model changes specific to people, process, technology, communication, and skills. 

Join us on Sept 30th, at 4pm, as David Bell, leader of REI's Core Platform Engineering team, shares his insights and unique perspective to their REI's journey.    Learn how REI managed this transition with an employee-centric mindset to support the ever challenging needs of the business.

After David's talk, there will be a virtual happy hour, for those who would like to stay and network with other peers, and to discuss this talk, or other topics that technical leaders are addressing today.


Recent Events

(AUGUST) SIM Seattle event featuring

Stephen Heard, King County CTO-

King County

Quick Overview:

  • Stephen will discuss why leading through a pandemic 
    requires sound leadership skills and habits
  • Stephen's talk will highlight that being prepared isn't an
    accident and often is based on many past decisions 

Event Detail-

Guiding a team, organization, or company successfully through a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic takes leadership excellence. Crisis leadership, however, starts way before a crisis actually happens by making sure your organization is prepared.

Join SIM Seattle on Wednesday, August 26th at 4pm, we welcome Stephen Heard, CTO at King County.  Stephen will explain how his IT team prepared to meet the needs of the community during a crisis and how strategic decisions - even some made a decade ago - contributed to his team’s success.  This successful response helped ensure that the approximately 2.3MM people in King County could rely on King County's government services through this ongoing pandemic.

And thank you to our sponsor for this month,


(JULY) SIM Seattle Leadership Discussion,

after Ibram X Kendi global event-

Quick Takeaway:

  • Attend the July 20th Global event with award winning and bestselling author
    Ibram X Kendi, as he discuses ‘How to be an Anti-Racist  (Sign-up below)
  • Attend the SeattleSIM discussion, post event, to discuss how Kendi’s theories
    apply to our role as technology leaders (Register Below)

Event Detail-
On Monday, July 20th at 4pm, the SIM board will be attending Ibram X Kendi’s talk on ‘How to be an Anti-Racist.’ 
This is not a SIM sponsored event, but one that the SeattleSIM leadership team believes is important for every leader today.

Kendi is
one of America’s foremost historians and leading anti-racist voices and best known for his book ‘How to be Anti-Racist’.
He is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow and #1 NYT Bestselling Author.  He is a Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Humanities and
Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, as well as a contributing writer at The Atlantic
and a CBS News correspondent.  Kendi's talk is sure to be insightful and enlightening.

After Kendi's session, at approx 5pm on July 20th, we plan to have our own moderated, virtual discussion,
focused on how Kendi’s theories apply to our role as technology leaders.

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