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Join SIM Central Connecticut! Network and share knowledge with a valuable cohort of industry peers at both a regional and a national level.  SIM Central Connecticut welcomes senior level professionals, managers, academics, consultants and other leaders in IT and business. Simply click the “Apply Now” button, then continue to fill out all requested information and submit. After your application is reviewed by the Membership Committee you will be contacted regarding next steps.

Individual Membership Includes

  • Monthly chapter meetings, conferences, roundtables and seminars.
  • Networking and knowledge sharing with peers who understand and manage similar experiences and issues.
  • Education and advocacy on industry issues, trends and challenges.
  • Access to business and IT leaders.

Membership Types:


A senior Information Technology (IT) professional in a private or public sector organization who is a corporate/division head or a member of an IT management team supporting the corporate/division head or a member of an IT management team supporting the corporate/division IT head with key management responsibilities and annual revenue in excess of $200 million. Exceptions may be made for people whose job responsibilities are equivalent in complexity to the minimum company revenue requirement. This category includes:

  • Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and direct reports
  • Executive Directors and Directors
  • Members or former members “in transition” who are actively seeking re-employment
  • Other leaders and managers, whose roles significantly impact the profitability and direction of their organizations

Practitioner Yearly Rates:  $595
Non-Profit Yearly Rates: $495

Academic Member

  • Full-time university or college faculty member who is making significant contribution to the IT field.
  • Academician who is a recognized scholar and conducts practice-oriented research and/or is a leader in IT curriculum design initiatives.

Academic Yearly Rates: $495

Consultant Member

  • Leaders at the owner, partner/principal level who influence the direction of their own company or the direction of their clients’ companies are qualified. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they operate at the senior level to qualify and their responsibilities are primarily in delivering IT services to CIO’s, not primarily selling IT services.
  •  Leading experts from consulting firms may also qualify for SIM membership by virtue of the contributions such individuals and their organizations make to information technology management.

Please note that we do have a limit on the number of consultants we can allow in our chapter.  Consultants wishing to join should need to show initiatives that add value to our chapter. 

Consultant Yearly Rates:  $595

Other Leaders

  • A vendor, recruiter, non IT executive, former members “transitioning” from prior responsibilities, or a leader from another profession with a major role in matters that impact the strategic direction of information technology will be considered for membership.

Additional Provisions

  • Emeritus status may be afforded to retired members who have had a significant contribution to the chapter.

  • The Chapter maintains a “members in transition” program for members who have changed employers or are otherwise not employed. This applies only for active members who change or lose employment during a paid membership year.   The membership renewal of a member in transition may be extended for  an additional year with board approval.

  • RLF graduates will be automatically accepted at the time of their enrollment and for membership the year during RLF enrollment and the year following a successful graduation provided the applicant’s job has not changed as to preclude him/her from participating in the Chapter.  At the end of the membership period the RLF graduate can transition to full member without application provided they do not let their membership lapse.

  • Notwithstanding the above provisions, the Membership Committee will ensure the Chapter active membership is comprised of no more than 20% consultant members.  Members that gained acceptance as practitioners or academics and transitioned to consultant roles will not be considered as consultants during the transition year. Upon renewal they will be re-classified appropriately; this also applies for members who joined as consultants and transition to a practitioner or academic role.

  • Chapter members will become enrolled by the chapter as members of SIM International

At Large Membership

Central CT memberships also include membership in SIM International and include all the benefits.  If a member chooses to become an “At Large” SIM International member (as opposed to a Central CT member) or a member of another chapter, they will be allowed to attend our meetings for an additional charge for each meeting.

Please note that all memberships must be approved by the board.

Central CT Membership Application