2019 Stamford CIO Executive Leadership Summit

FWSIM and HMG Strategy produced another great CIO Summit on October 30th, 2019!  This has been an annual event for the last 11 years, with HMG as the conference planner, and is an event that we work hard at to ensure our members and IT friends get to have a full day’s immersion in innovative and disruptive technologies with career-building themes.

The theme this year -- “Enterprise 2025 – Accelerating the Digital Roadmap to Survive and Thrive" -- proved to be not only informative but extremely timely, as we look to the future and technology's place in that future.

Highlights of the day included 3 keynote speakers, including Jim Carroll, speaking on how “technology is oxygen” and provided examples of businesses that are innovating with technology throughout the enterprise to gain a competitive advantage with their customers.

We also heard from the President of Nokia Bell Labs on 5G and where it will take us, and we ended the day with David Pogue, Technology Columnist and TV Correspondent on digital technologies – not just funny and entertaining, but also very useful! He amazed those people who did not know him as not only a technology maven but also a master of musical skills, when a large piano was wheeled into the room and he proceeded to sing an original song on technology to a Beatles tune!  What a way to end the day!  It just does not get better than this!

Throughout the day, there were panels and speakers on topics including Customer-Centricity, the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace, how CIO’s can “Rev up to Serve on Boards”, Paving the Digital Runway and Empowering Digital Innovation to Secure your Enterprise.

There were numerous networking breaks and opportunities to meet new people and see friends/colleagues. 

We thank you for attending and hope you found value in the sessions and enjoyed the chance to meet colleagues and make new friends.  For those who could not join us, there will be next year! 

A big shout out to all the FSWIM members, HMG teams and sponsors who made this happen!  What a job well-done!!

Written by Bev Lieberman

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