Scholarship Programs


FWSIM is proud to sponsor two prestigious scholarships per year, awarding $2,500 per scholarship recipient to recognize and celebrate academic excellence of two exceptional students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): Rino Nori University Scholarship and the Rino Nori High School Scholarship

As a dedicated supporter of STEM education, we understand the immense value of investing in the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. That's why we're committed to providing financial

incentive to help these bright minds pursue their educational and professional aspirations while providing yet another benefit to our members. We firmly believe in nurturing talent from its earliest stages of development, which is why we award one scholarship to an outstanding high school student and another to a deserving university student.

Whether you are a parent of a budding scientist, an aspiring engineer, or a tech-savvy genius, our scholarship program is designed to support and encourage their academic journey. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to receive recognition for hard work, dedication, and remarkable achievements in STEM.

Established in 2015 and renamed in 2021 to honor the memory of the program's founder and long-time FWSIM chapter member, Rino Nori, these scholarships have rewarded numerous recipients and provided them with the opportunity to forge a path to success through higher education.

By recognizing exceptional talent and offering financial support, these scholarships have empowered deserving students to pursue their educational aspirations with confidence, opening doors to a world of possibilities and propelling them towards a future filled with achievement and personal growth.

Invest in your child’s potential and let FWSIM help propel you toward an extraordinary future in STEM!