Spotlight Archive: Faculty Research Day at the University of Bridgeport - May 2019

SIM Spotlight: Faculty Research Day at the University of Bridgeport

Urs Foley and Beverly Lieberman serve on the Advisory Board of the University of Bridgeport (UB) and on March 29th, they attended Faculty Research Day.  This event highlighted faculty and student research endeavors and featured over 50 presentations on interdisciplinary research themes.  The enthusiastic discussions and project pitches provided an atmosphere of excitement, innovation and inspiration for all those who attended - truly a wonderful event hosted by UB!  

One of the most impressive speakers was Bruno Siciliano, Ph.D., Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Advanced Robotics in Surgery and Coordinator of the PRIMA Lab, University of Naples Federico II, who provided a very interesting keynote presentation on Robotic research  covering robot applications in real-life,  robot manipulation and control, human-robot cooperation and service robots.

What was most impressive was the variety of innovation in research that is happening in our own backyard!  It is likely that many people do not know the amount of research in STEM that is being conducted at the University of Bridgeport by both college students as well as local high school kids.

Throughout the day, there were presentations on the importance of understanding fascia/connective tissue regarding chiropractic techniques, the negative impact of acid rain in our environment and on our health and wellbeing, as well as a discussion on the psychological effects of students’ adjustment to college There was a STEM on Wheels bus to tour, that is traveling to various high schools and presenting research on Robotics, 3-D Printing and Imaging, etc.

For those of you who have junior/high school-age kids that have interest in the STEM field, business, art, education or health sciences, we encourage you to check out the University of Bridgeport.  Not only is the University of Bridgeport a strong academic institution, the University won last year’s NCAA Division 11 Women’s Soccer National Championships!


Written by Beverly Lieberman and Urs Foley

                   Urs_and_Bev_at_UB_Faculty_Research_Day_400x257.jpgBeverly Lieberman, Urs Foley, Prof. Tarek M. Sobh, Ph.D.
(EVP, Founding Dean of the College of Engineering), Pritesh Bhavsar (a graduate student in the UB School of Engineering)


Professor Bruno Siciliano

UB_Faculty_Research_Day_Bev_Urs_and_Ursuline_400x257.jpg Emmett Hughes, Urs Foley, Dr. Gad Selig, and Beverly Lieberman

STEM_on_Wheels_400x257.jpg STEM on Wheels