Spotlight Archive: 12 Things to Do When You are Between Jobs - September 2019

12 Things to Do When You are Between Jobs


1) Develop a great resume that highlights your accomplishments, makes good use of “key words” and spells out your value proposition. Consider using a professional resume writer

2) Create a well-written LinkedIn profile, since recruiters and hiring managers will be looking at it

3) Develop a “marketing plan” that will help you get your next job. Consider working with an executive coach

4) Work on developing a clear and compelling “pitch” or “elevator speech” on your job interest/skills/value

5) Develop a rapport with executive recruiters who will keep you top of mind

6) Attend industry conferences for networking and for learning new content

7) Develop your speaking/presentation skills and look for speaking engagements. You want to gain visibility

8) Develop a blog that highlights your knowledge and point-of-view, to gain exposure

9) Work on keeping a positive attitude through an exercise routine, meditation and other activities

10) Get out and meet people for coffee a few times/week.  Meeting colleagues and making new contacts will lead to opportunities

11) Be sure you are looking your “personal best” in terms of personal grooming, etc.

12) If you are in a SIM chapter, participate in the Members in Transition meetings – members help other members!

By Beverly Lieberman, President, Halbrecht Lieberman Associates