Spotlight - Michele Gabriele

Meet Michele Gabriele - FWSIM 2021 Chapter Member

Michele Gabriele

Michele is a retired GE executive and is enjoying active retirement. She was born in New York and is first-generation, born to Italian parents. Michele is married, has a son, and a Havanese dog. Michele earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics. She joined GE in 1984 and was selected into GE’s Leadership programs for Information Technology, Financial Management and Executive Leadership.

Michele's area of expertise is IT strategy, IT leadership, management of global enterprise systems, acquisitions and divestitures, IT governance, risk and regulatory compliance. Michele is passionate about mentoring and providing career coaching to help young professionals achieve their career goals. She joined SIM in 2015 and continues to enjoy being part of the mentor circle which has created a valuable, trusting circle of colleagues. She also served as a board member for several years in her local town for the youth Baseball Association. Spring, summer, and fall were spent traveling to many baseball games to watch her son play in competitive games.

As she thinks back to some of the most memorable times at GE, she can laugh and fondly remember times such as: Leading the Global Y2K program for the GE Real Estate business and getting ready for the birth of her son. She knew first-hand the potential of what could go wrong at hospitals but was very excited to have a millennium baby. She bravely took a ride on a hot air balloon during one of GE’s team events and unfortunately due to high winds the pilot could not land at their designated location. They landed in an open dirt field where they were dragged the length of a football field until the balloon basket came to a halt. Celebrating accomplishments was one of the things GE did well! She traveled to Sweden, Russia and the Arctic Circle on a Pinnacle award trip. She and GE colleagues experienced a private tour of the Hermitage museum, Catherine’s Palace, Russian ballet, drank the best tasting vodka, enjoyed 24 hours of sunlight in the land of the midnight sun and petted a reindeer! The best part of working at GE all these years was the special friendships she developed and a core network of colleagues she still stays connected with.

What does life look like after a 32-year career at GE?

Michele enjoys going to Taco Tuesdays with GE colleagues; taking Tex to the dog park and chatting it up with other dog owners who she says are some of the nicest people; member of FitBody Bootcamp to stay fit and healthy; volunteers as a career coach for young professionals and student advisor for college-bound students; volunteers at an eldercare center. Oh, she almost forgot to mention that she volunteered to be a wedding planner last year for her niece. This was a big undertaking for 250 guests. She utilized her skills in technology, project management, vendor negotiations and creativity to have a flawless and beautiful event. What will 2021 bring? She and her husband have started to look for a second place in the sunshine state of Florida or the Carolinas!

Written in collaboration with Michele Gabriele and Beverly Lieberman