Membership Requirements

SIM International and our local Detroit chapter strive to be the most respected society of IT leaders. At our regular meetings and events, you will meet and talk with peers and other like-minded individuals. We have a strict no-selling policy aimed at maximizing the value of the time together. Membership is highly scrutinized and considers an individual’s leadership role, responsibilities, and career history.

SIM Detroit members are automatically members of SIM International.

Membership Types and other Provisions

  • Practitioner
    A senior Information Technology (IT) professional in a private or public sector organization who is a corporate/division head or a member of an IT management team supporting the corporate/division head or a member of an IT management team supporting the corporate/division IT head with key management responsibilities. The Membership Committee will ensure that more than 70% of the Chapter is comprised of practitioners.

    This category includes:
    • Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and direct reports
    • Executive Directors, Directors, and their direct reports
    • Other leaders and managers of IT with significant scope of authority in terms of staff size, budget, and/or impact on the profitability and direction of their organizations 
  • Academic Member
    • Full-time university or college faculty member who is making a significant contribution to the IT field
    • Academician who is a recognized scholar and conducts practice-oriented research and/or is a leader in IT curriculum design initiatives
    • Someone who has reached a senior level in the academic community and has significant influence over the direction of the university budget.
  • Consultant Member
    • Leading experts from consulting firms may also qualify for SIM membership by virtue of the contributions such individuals and their organizations make to IT management
    • Leaders at the owner, partner/principal level who influence the direction of their own company or the direction of their clients’ companies are qualified. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they operate at the senior level to qualify and their responsibilities are primarily in delivering IT services to CIO’s, not primarily selling IT services.
  • Other Leaders 
    • A vendor, recruiter, non-IT executive, former members “transitioning” from prior responsibilities, or a leader from another profession with a major role in matters that impact the strategic direction of information technology will be considered for membership. 

Additional Provisions

  • “Emeritus” status is available for retired members.
  • The Chapter supports SIM International’s “Members in Transition” program for members who have changed employers or are otherwise not employed but have been a member.
  • Applications for Chapter membership by SIM Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) graduates will be automatically accepted for the year following RLF graduation provided the applicant’s job has not changed as to preclude him/her from participating in the Chapter. At the end of the one-year period membership in the Chapter will be reviewed by the Chapter. 
  • All membership renewals are subject to a review by the Membership Committee.
  • Vendors of hardware and/or software are not eligible for membership unless the person is:
    • Responsible for internal systems
    • Not involved in product marketing
    • Meets the Practitioner eligibility criteria
  • Exceptions can be made for academics, consultants, previous members of the Chapter no longer holding a qualifying position, and others deemed appropriate by the Membership Committee.
  • Approval of such membership exceptions, for individuals who would not otherwise qualify for membership, may be granted by approval of the Membership Committee.