Members in Transition - Program


Detroit SIM is a community of IT professionals whose mission is to provide a forum for individuals to learn, grow, network and develop relationships with the community. In the spirit of helping each other, Detroit SIM has organized a Member In Transition (MIT) Team to help coach and guide SIM members who are transitioning from their current role or who wish to simply explore their options. It is not the intent that the MIT Team will “find” the MIT a job, but rather avail the resources, coaching and feedback to facilitate the job search by the candidate.

A number of resources have been assembled to help with the job search process and the Detroit MIT Team, along with resources from other SIM Chapters and SIM International can assist as well. It is the responsibility of the MIT to “drive” the process since everyone else involved is a volunteer willing to help.


The intent is that the Member In Transition (MIT) will develop a detailed plan for their job search efforts leveraging the input and experiences of MIT Team and the other Chapters. Assistance can be provided in “how to do a job search”, resume feedback, LinkedIn review, practice interviews and networking. While we do not envision a regular cadence of meetings with the MIT, other Chapters have done so and the Detroit MIT can join those calls as we deem appropriate. The Detroit SIM MIT website contains a number of resources that should substantially assist the MIT with their search efforts. We are encouraging individuals to leverage all the resources first, before requesting assistance from the SIM Detroit MIT Team.

The MIT can then contact one of the Detroit SIM MIT (Team) members to discuss their situation and whether the job search will be “confidential” or it can be publicized and if so, how broadly. The Team member will request copy of most current resume and job interests, locale, industry, work arrangement preferred, job search activities to date (the plan), etc. To the degree the MIT wants broader MIT Team assistance, a call can be scheduled to discuss interest and direction and possible next steps. It is possible that the Team may recruit other ad-hoc participants that they may know who may have specific technical, industry or company background that could help the MIT. A follow up call may be scheduled with those individuals as necessary. Optionally, announcements can be made at our SIM monthly meetings if there is a MIT who would like to make the Chapter aware of their job search. We may even convene afterwards, if there are those in the Chapter who may have an idea or recommendation to help.