North Texas Tech Connect


2021 EVENT


The recent surge in COVID-19 delta variant cases has led to the responsible, but difficult, conclusion that we will not move forward with the North Texas Tech Connect conference as planned on August 31st.  Simply stated, your collective health and safety supersedes all other considerations.  We are in the process of re-imagining the conference. Our goal is to have a finalized plan by September 3rd and will update you after evaluating and selecting alternatives.

We are extremely proud of a compelling program of speakers and appreciative of the support from both vendor and corporate sponsors to support the conference.  We will provide the value of NTTC through alternative approaches which will be shared with you in the coming weeks.  We remain committed to the vision of bringing along the next level of IT leaders, supporting the continuous learning and growth of existing IT leaders, all while giving back to the broader north Texas community.

Keys to our decision was:

  1. Your safety
  2. The increasingly stressed capacity of staffed ICU beds in North Texas
  3. The potential long-term health impacts for some individuals
  4. The naivety of thinking everyone would still attend a conference while work-from-home policies are being extended by many north Texas businesses. 


Please check back to our site often as updates will be communicated, here, as well as by email to our registered attendees and partner sponsors.


Developing the next level of IT Leaders along with each other across North Texas
NTTC is the only conference in North Texas designed and led by senior technology leaders for their direct reports and each other.  It is focused on continued advancement of experienced careers.  It is a live conference that includes a full day of networking, growth and education. A hybrid event after the 2021 conference may be available as conditions warrant.


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Why should you attend NTTC? How is it different than other conference opportunities?

First, it is a live, in-person event.  You can put on your nice clothes, look people in the eye and know they are looking back, dine on someone else’s cooking (the Gaylord Texan!), and see-and-be-seen in 3D (a vast improvement in resolution over our 2D existence of 2020.)  There is even rumor that chair massages may be available.  Never has the phrase “2020 hindsight” sounded better.  For those who have forgotten how to interact in person, remedial training will be available.

An Event, not a Meeting – NTTC is built for senior technology leaders and their direct reports. It is focused on continued advancement of experienced careers. It is a full day conference designed by some of DFW’s most respected CIO leaders on what would be most beneficial to them and to their teams.

THREE Outstanding Keynotes – including award-winning technologist and author Lauren Hasson, highly decorated CIO Emeritus and coach Charlie Feld, and Olympian Johnny Quinn.  The day will open and close strong and be bolstered with an equally strong midday keynote.

Captivating Content – Do you want to hear another discussion on social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and security? Do you want to watch a “click-with-me” product demo? If you do, NTTC is not going to meet your expectations.

NTTC is focused on the other skills needed to continue to sharpen your saw to continue your success as an IT leader. Discussions will focus on soft skills like “storytelling to amplify your impact”, “discovering and nurturing lifelong leaders”, “recruiting for EQ, not just IQ”, “virtual teambuilding”, “technology contracting” and “CIO lessons learned the hard way.”

In any given timeslot, you’ll struggle to choose among many strong choices.

You’ve likely mastered project management, agile development, and various technology platforms long ago. NTTC is focused on the rest of the capabilities of effective leaders. Our agenda is different by design.

Compelling Speakers – You will hear from outstanding leaders that you would otherwise not have access to. We have invited speakers who have something important to say, the credibility to say it, and are not over-exposed in North Texas. You will hear from executives at CBRE, the Perot Companies, Pioneer Natural Resources, Mohawk Industries, Associa, Signet Jewelers, Kubota Tractor, Smoothie King, and other prominent north Texas organizations.

Where selected sponsors are speaking, we are working with them to share insights, real world experiences, business results and bring a client with them to the screen. This is not the time or place for a blatant product sales pitch. We anticipate our sponsor breakouts will be rated comparably to the best practitioner led breakouts

Engaging Format – Too many conferences tend to be either a broadcast speech or a panel discussion that ping pongs around between speakers. While these formats can be very productive, they are not always the most engaging or effective approach, especially when getting to your eighth PowerPoint presentation of the day.

NTTC is mixing up creative formats to keep the audience active and engaged. You will hear from teams as well as leaders. You will hear interviews, talk shows, a rapid-fire “Around the Horn” format, TED-like talks, and other creative approaches where you can avoid the temptation to zone out. NTTC is becoming the hottest ticket in town.

Bottom line, this is a new concept, not just another webinar. Join us for a unique and special event.