North Texas Tech Connect

The region’s premier single-day event
designed for the IT executive community.

The 2020 NTTC will be a half-day virtual event.
October 28th - 1:00pm - 5:00pm


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Why should you attend NTTC? How is it different that the dozens of video calls you’ve been invited to?

An Event, not a Meeting – NTTC is built for senior technology leaders and their direct reports. It is focused on continued advancement of experienced careers. It is not a webinar; it is a virtual conference including a half day of opportunities. The conference was designed by some of DFW’s most respected CIO leaders.

Captivating Content – Do you want to hear another webinar on social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and security? Do you want to watch a “click-with-me” product demo? If you do, NTTC is not going to meet your expectations.

NTTC is focused on the other skills needed to continue to sharpen your saw to continue your success as an IT leader. Discussions will focus on soft skills like “storytelling in a business environment”, “assimilating as a newly hired leader while working from home”, “renegotiating contracts in the current economic duress” and “avoiding the technology ceiling and becoming a true business leader.”

In any given timeslot, you’ll struggle to choose among strong choices.

You’ve likely mastered project management, agile development, and various technology platforms long ago. NTTC is focused on the rest of the capabilities of effective leaders. Our agenda is different by design.

Interesting Speakers – You will hear from outstanding leaders that you would otherwise not have access to. We have invited speakers who have something important to say, the credibility to say it, and are not over-exposed in North Texas. You will hear from executives at the Dallas Mavericks, Toyota, GameStop, DalTile, and other prominent north Texas organizations.

Where selected sponsors are speaking, we are working with them to share insights, real world experiences, business results and bring a client with them to the screen. This is not the time or place for a blatant product sales pitch. We anticipate our sponsor breakouts will be rated with the best practitioner led breakouts

Engaging Format – Too many webinars tend to be either a broadcast speech or a panel discussion that ping pongs around between speakers. While these formats can be very productive, they are not always the most engaging or effective approach, especially when getting to your eighth video chat of the week.

NTTC is mixing up creative formats to keep the audience active and engaged. You will hear from teams as well as leaders. You will hear interviews, talk shows, point-counterpoint discussions, rapid-fire talks, and creative other approaches where you can avoid the temptation to zone out. To coin an old NBC marketing campaign, NTTC will be “must-see TV.”

Flexible Platform – while Zoom, Teams and Google Meet are effective tools to conduct a meeting, they are underpowered to conduct a conference. NTTC will be delivered using a platform that feels like a conference – multiple meeting rooms, interactive agendas, and tools to allow you to engage with other participants individually or in groups. You are an active participant with our platform, not just a witness.

Bottom line, this is a new concept, not just another webinar. Join us for a unique and special event.