SIM DFW Fellows

08.02.2021-Blockchain Interview with Brendan Cooper


06.28.2021-Privacy Chain

06.14.2021-To Blockchain or Not To Blockchain



05.18.2021-Ye Olde CIO Explains It All

04.26.2021-When the Contract Ends

04.19.2021-Relationship on the Rocks

04.12.2021-Managing Your Cloud Relationship

04.05.2021-Data Protection in the Cloud

03.29.2021-Evaluating Potential Cloud Partners

03.22.2021-Letting a Good Crisis Pass By

03.08.2021-Defining and Measuring Success

02.15.2021-Managing the Flexibility Paradox

02.08.2021-Thingifying Customers to Helping People Solve Problems

02.01.2021-Relational Analytics

01.27.2021-Tools for Changing Organizational Culture

01.13.2021-Organizing for Flexibility

01.11.2021-A Tribute to Dot Autrey

12.29.2020-Work Personas That Emerged in 2020

12.22.2020-Managing & Motivating a Remote Team

12.14.2020-Building a Team for 2021

12.07.2020-Developing a Positive Corporate Culture

11.30.2020-IT Risk and the Challenge of the Black Swan Event

11.23.2020-The Effect of a Governance Program on Risk Management

11.16.2020-The Importance of Quantifying IT Risk

11.09.2020-The Importance of IT Risk in the Language of Business

11.02.2020-The Future of Connected Devices

10.26.2020-Protecting Internet Connected Devices in Healthcare

10.19.2020-Securing Devices at Home and Work

10.12.2020-If You Connect It, Protect It

10.05.2020-Cybersecurity Awareness Month

09.28.2020 News about Security and Privacy

09.21.2020-For Your Consideration, News about Security and Privacy

09.09.2020-Taking Your Business to the Next Level