Fellows Nominations

Fellows Nomination Criteria


a. Must be a member in good standing within SIM National.
b. Must have minimum membership tenure of 12 years. The last 5 years must be with the DFW SIM Chapter.
c. All years should be contiguous and all years must be in good standing.


a. Must have active participation in at least 3 DFW SIM activities such as:

1. Positions on the SIM Board (each term counts as one activity)
2. Active participation on a committee (could be but not limited to Committee Chair position or Member of the Committee; each year of participation counts as an activity)
3. Participating in SIM Chapter Programs (ex: Golf Tournament Committee or Conference Committee)

b. Must have participated in at least one SIM National activity such as:

1. One of the SIM National Boards (one term only)
2. National Conference participant (i.e.: SIMPosium or SIM Connect Live)
3. National Conference Participant (ex: panel participant; presenter)
4. RLF (teaching or speaker, not attending)
5. A recognized SIM National committee, special project, or program chartered by the SIM National CEO or Executive Board


The DFW Chapter Fellows nomination form must be submitted to a current Chapter Fellow on or before June 30th of each calendar year. The nomination of any given member must be submitted by a peer chapter member as self-nominations are not permitted.

For all nominations that meet the consideration criteria, the nominee goes through two separate vetting processes: one by the Executive Officers of the chapter and another by the Chapter’s Fellows. Each vetting and voting process is separate and confidential from the other and creates a “checks and balances” structure. Only those nominees passing both processes will become a Chapter Fellow.

The Chapter Fellows will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will receive nomination forms.

The currently active Chapter Fellows are:
Dr. Jack Becker | Nellson Burns | Kevin Campbell | Kevin Christ | Chris Feola | Andrew Jackson | Blake Holman
Debbie Jowers | Dr. Leon Kappelman | Janis O’Bryan | Caren Shiozaki | Dr. Ulrike Schultze | Peter Vogel
Mark Urbis | Mark Snyder | John Cole