About SIM San Diego

The San Diego SIM chapter is a local division of the Society for Information Management (SIM) for top technology executives in San Diego. Members include senior technology executives from private and public industry organizations, government agencies, and universities. Members meet monthly to hear presentations by top practitioners, industry leaders, and nationally recognized experts in information systems and management practices.

SIM is the premier professional membership association for the world’s top technology leaders. SIM San Diego offers technology executives several opportunities for professional and personal growth, including:

  • Giving back to the community through scholarships, mentorship, community involvement initiatives, and educational programs.
  • Networking with contemporaries, business executives, technology experts, and community leaders.
  • Training and career development through knowledge sharing and cultivation of the next generation of technology leaders.
  • Advocating for the technology community of local and national importance.
SIM San Diego Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws  (PDF version)

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SIM San Diego is an association of senior technology executives, prominent academicians and other technology thought leaders who share and enhance their industry knowledge for the benefit of its members and organizations and who contribute to technology growth in San Diego.


To be the most respected society of technology leaders.


SIM San Diego provides a forum for technology executives to network and collaborate with colleagues, enrich their professional growth, and leverage best practices across industries to drive organizational business alignment while serving our communities and the industry through giving and outreach.


"The Leadership Workshop was the first SIM event I attended as a new member and I really enjoyed it. The networking time at the beginning of the event gave me the opportunity to meet and introduce myself to other members and reconnect with previous colleagues. The workshop itself was an engaging mix of learning and active participation. The interesting part is how Mark used Aikido examples to reinforce strategies of how to successfully respond to change in the workplace. It was both informative and entertaining – a unique spin to delivering a leadership workshop."

Amy Benton
Director, IT

"I have been a member of SIM San Diego for less than 8 Months. In that short time,  I have made invaluable contacts in IT and Cyber Security. Recently, through collaboration with another organization that SIM made possible, we set a course to keep our information better protected at home or overseas. We have just scratched the surface of possibilities that come with being part of SIM San Diego. I looked forward to our future endeavors."

Eric Dixon
Regional CIO

"I have been an active participant and supporter of the San Diego SIM chapter for many years in various capacities. I have consistently found this forum to be a very valuable and productive use of time, not only to keep current pace with the latest IT trends and not only to continue to network with a core set of IT peers around the region, but most importantly to create a connected San Diego IT community to address common issues and challenges that impact and effect all of the IT leaders in the region independent of industry, business model and company size. The San Diego IT community is fairly small in terms of market capitalization supported, but it is very active and relevant in terms of thought leadership and willingness to share ideas. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience to date and I’m sure will continue to thrive guided by the consistent and passionate leadership of the founding members."

Martin Gluck

"I joined SIM as a founding member of the San Diego Chapter.  Traditionally I was primarily involved in professional organizations specific to my industry. SIM facilitates sharing of information across industries which is both refreshing and enlightening.  Educational forums provide opportunities to learn from future thinking individuals as well as provide practical information to assist in solving today’s issues.  I also appreciate the opportunity to interact with organizations of different size and complexity.  I encourage those who want to broaden and enhance their knowledge to join SIM.” 

Mary Kay Payne
Arch Health Partners

"I have found SIM to be an invaluable organization. It has been a source of personal and professional development opportunities, and through SIM I have built relationships with several interesting and experienced IT leaders in the San Diego region and beyond. Several of these busy professionals have provided career assistance and advice to my students. As an educator, I appreciate SIM's interest in nurturing the next generation of CIO's and IT thought leaders. The San Diego chapter has done a fantastic job of inviting university students to participate in networking and growth opportunities and their generous scholarships have encouraged students to stay focused on careers in IT leadership. All of us have many valuable organizations vying for our time, but I am committed to participation in SIM because of its strength as a learning community that connects IT leaders  locally and globally."

Maria Zack, PhD
Professor and Chair
Mathematical, Information and Computer Science
Point Loma Nazarene University