Past Chapter Events

2024-03-26 Virtual Roundtable 16: AI Governance: Building a Defensible & Responsible Program
2024-02-15 The Future of San Diego’s IT Workforce: Employer and Employee Perspectives
2024-01-30 Unlocking Strategic Potential with AI and Co-Pilot
2023-01-16 Virtual Roundtable 15: Seizing the Gen AI opportunity in the Enterprise
2023-12-6 2023 Holiday Social
2023-11-2 Virtual Roundtable 14: Data Privacy and Compliance
2023-10-17 Deloitte Foundation Scholarships
2023-10-12 Technology Executive Leadership Summit
2023-09-19 Cyber Security Event
2023-09-14 Virtual Roundtable 13: Generative AI
2023-08-02 Soft Skills Event
2023-06-02 SIM SD Social Event At Petco Park
2023-05-31 Making Data Your Competitive Advantage: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
2023-04-20 Working Genius Event
2023-03-2 SIM San Diego: Enterprise Risk Management Event
2022-12-7 SIM San Diego Holiday Party
2022-11-29 Education Event - Generational Differences in Perceptions of Remote Work
2022-11-29 Virtual Roundtable 9: DevSecOps
2022-10-16 Virtual Roundtable 8: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) best practices and successful implementation lessons
2022-09-13 SIM San Diego: Cyber Security Event
2022-08-16 Virtual Roundtable 7: IT Service Management, Self Service and Automation solutions
2022-07-21 Lessons from the executive road... a fire-side chat
2022-06-23 SIM SD Social Event At Petco Park
2022-05-31 How to be a Mindful Leader
2022-05-25 Virtual Roundtable 6: Retaining and Recruiting
2022-04-06 Simple Truths of Leadership – 4 Keys to Stop the Great Resignation
2021-10-27 SIM San Diego/HMG Strategy Technology Executive Leadership Summit
2021-10-12 Virtual Roundtable 3
2021-09-08 SIM SD Social Event At Petco Park
2021-08-25 Leveraging DevOps for the next generation
2021-06-10 Virtual RoundTable
2021-05-13 FBI Chapter Virtual Event
2021-04-08 13th Annual San Diego Technology Executive Leadership Summit
2021-03-18 Accelerating Growth with Business Automation
2021-01-14 Winning in Cybersecurity for Biotech, Pharma, and Healthcare Enclave
2020-12-02 Member Virtual Holiday Party and 2020 Scholarship Awards
2020-10-27 12th Annual San Diego Technology Summit
2020-09-30 Leadership Lessons of Lockdown 2020
2020-07-21 Advanced Analytics Presentation and Happy Hour
2020-06-17 Leading and Thriving during a Pandemic
2020-05-21 COVID-19 Impact on Student Education and Employment Opportunities
2020-04-08 Successfully Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis
2020-02-12 Women in Technology Mixer
2019-12-05 Holiday Social 2019
2019-11-05 Annual San Diego Technology Executive Leadership Summit
2019-09-19 Practical Applications of AI/Machine Learning
2019-06-12 Digital Transformation: The Never Ending Journey
2019-04-25 Customer Service Vs. Privacy: A Data Management Dilemma

2019-03-07 SIM San Diego: FBI Security Event
2018-09-19 Machine Learning and Analytics on the San Diego Bay
2018-07-18 Disruptive Technologies
2018-05-23 Cyber Security
2018-02-28 Startups - Growing and Leading in San Diego
2017-12-06 SIM Holiday Party
2017-11-02 San Diego CIO Executive Leadership Summit
2017-09-26 Educate Your Executive Leadership Team About Cyber Security Risks
2017-06-28 Monetizing Data
2017-05-11 SIM San Diego Happy Hour
2017-04-26 Who's Responsible for technology in your organization?
2017-04-13 SIM San Diego Happy Hour
2017-02-28 Cloud Transitions - Lessons Learned
2016-12-07 Holiday Party
2016-11-03 The CIO as CEO of Technology: The Courage to Lead in the Future Enterprise
2016-10-18 SIM Life Sciences Meeting
2016-09-29 SIM San Diego Happy Hour
2016-09-28 SIM San Diego Cloud Computing
2016-08-25 SIM San Diego Happy Hour
2016-07-21 SIM San Diego Leadership Workshop: New Tools and Techniques
2016-06-30 Members only - Monthly Social Event
2016-06-16 SIM San Diego Trends that Are Changing the Digital Landscape
2016-05-25 Member In Transition
2016-05-19 NON SIM EVENT - Top Tech Exec Awards
2016-04-27 Member In Transition
2016-03-10 Cyber Security Secrets and Solutions
2015-09-17 Big Data
2015-06-24 CIO Executive Recruiting - Agile Leaders: Do you have what they are looking for?
2015-04-16 2015 Chapter Leader Summit
2015-03-25 Cyber Security Secrets and Solutions
2014-12-18 SIM San Diego Holiday Mixer
2014-09-10 Vision to Profit - The CIO's Four Guiding Principles
2014-06-04 Cyber Security - Be aware. Be secure. The time is now.
2014-04-24 2014 Chapter Leader Summit
2014-03-27 Emerging Tech Briefing - 6 Startups from the Bay Area
2013-07-18 SIM San Diego: Big Data on the San Diego Bay
2013-04-17 SIM San Diego: Social Media and the Enterprise
2012-12-11 SIM San Diego December Networking Social
2012-05-31 Leadership Development Journey: Making the Most of Yourself and Your Team
2012-03-01 March 2012 Event
2011-10-05 SIM San Diego - Managing people in Changing Times
2011-06-28 San Diego Chapter June Meeting