August 16th - Noon - 1:00pm
Location: Zoom
Virtual Roundtable 7: IT Service Management, Self Service and Automation solutions

As a direct outcome of the Covid pandemic and the resulting remote and hybrid work models that have evolved, it has become more difficult to adequately support all of the varying needs of company employees and stakeholders in the work from anywhere environment. This has challenged end user computing groups and IT Service/Help Desks which have had to move expeditiously and with agility to support the all the idiosyncrasies that the remote/hybrid working model has presented.

For our next RoundTable event, we are teeing up the topic of IT service management, employee self-service and automation solutions and service/help desk changes that have proven to work well in the new hybrid model. We will also be discussing what companies are doing differently to tackle this ongoing challenge and what are some best practices that are being deployed.

We are very fortunate to have Annie Chaiyakul, the VP, IT Global Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Illumina, agree to provide us with her perspective on what she and her team are doing to adjust and respond to these constantly evolving and new challenges. After Annie finishes her talk, we will move into our breakout sessions so that that everyone attending will have the opportunity to share your company's narratives and best practices.