Past Event

SIM San Diego - Leadership Lessons of Lockdown 2020 SIM San Diego invites you to this very special event where we welcome WD-40 Company’s CEO and Chairman, Garry Ridge. Garry will discuss how Covid-19 has impacted organizations and what we can do to help our people “emerge stronger, wiser, braver, more resilient, and more confident”. The Event will also include a 30-minute Networking session and a chance for two attendees to win either a $100 Amazon Gift Card or WD-40 Company gift basket.

After the event, attendees will be provided an electronic copy of his latest paper, “Leadership Lessons of Lockdown 2020”.
Where: Virtual Meeting
When: *ENDED* September 30, 2020 - 5:30 - 7:00pm

- 5:30 PM: Event Introduction (Steve Phillpott, SIM San Diego President)
- 5:35 PM: Member Networking Breakout Rooms
- 6:05 PM Speaker Introduction (Doug Cyphers, SIM San Diego Secretary)
- 6:10 PM Leadership Lessons of Lockdown (Garry Ridge, WD-40 Company CEO and Chairman)
- 6:50 PM Event Close Out and Prize Raffles (Steve Phillpott, SIM San Diego President)